Dictionary of Baltimorese
© Copyright Jeff Seigle 1998
Although some entries were inspired by a
widely distributed unattributed photocopy,
many words have been added and all definitions are original.
arn—n 1. device with flat metal surface which heats, used to press clothes. 2. a golf club numbered from 2 to 9. 3. the element with the symbol Fe —vi, vt 3. to use an arn to press clothes
ayg—n ovum, especially edible ovum of hen
ambull-ance’—n 1. means of conveyance for sick people, usually to take them to a hospital.
awnt-no—phrase responsive to a question where the responder does not have the answer. Do you know what time it is? Sorry, awnt-no.
An-nap’lis—n 1. city, state capital of Merlin.
Bawl’mer—n 1. the largest city in Merlin.
challed—n 1. a young pre-adult person, usually preteen or infant 2. the offspring, regardless of age, of a particular person, usually used with the possessive My oldest challed is a farman.
crabs—n pl 1. decapod crustaceans 2. Chesapeake Blue Crabs, staple food of Bawlmer and surrounds 3. parasitic infestation of lice in the pubic area
downy—prep direction of the ocean, regardless of starting point or the compass direction of the ocean  We’re going downy ocean, hon.
drag—vt to pull along a surface without lifting drug
drug—n 1. non-nutritive substance which, when ingested, affects the physiology. —vt 2. pt of drag The deer was too heavy to lift so I drug it to my truck
fall—n 1. autumn 2. an act of falling 3. a folder containing paperwork pertaining to a particular subject Nurse, where is this patient’s fall? 4. a logical area of storage on a computer, used as a fall in sense 3. —vi to drop through the air
far’ed—n upper portion of the face; part of head between the eyebrows and the hairline
far—n flame —vt to terminate an employee
far’man—n man who puts out fars
hon (hwon)—n 1. abbreviated form of honey. Term of affection or endearment, though not necessarily intimate. Appropriate between friends, from your friends’ mothers, or from a waitress to a customer. What’ll you have, hon?
hoe dawn—v, imperative request to wait, usually for a short time; used especially during a telephone call. I can check that for you, hoe dawn for one minute.
ig’nernt—adj 1. obnoxious or thoughtless. Did you hear him call me a pig? That was really ignernt. 2. unaware of something; lacking knowledge
loz’en-ger—n small medicated candy drop, usually for soothing sore throats or coughs
mare—n chief political executive of a city or town I remember when Shaefer was the mare of Bawlmer
Mer’lin—n state in the eastern U.S., capital Annaplis.
o’cean (ewshun; the exact pronunciation cannot be properly expressed in English phonetics; the best way is to hear and watch a native Bawlmorean)—n 1. the wooder when you get to the Shore; the Atlantic Ocean 2. any ocean.
ornge—n 1. color resulting from combining primary red and yellah 1. the citrus fruit whose color is ornge
o’ver—prep 1. contraction of over to. After I go shopping, I’m going over Bill’s house.
por’ty—n social event where a host invites any number of people for refreshments and possibly entertainment. —vi to participate in a porty
race’horse—n an asset which can be utilized; an item of value. We must work to preserve our natural racehorses.
sarn—n loud warning signal emitted by emergency vehicles
share-n 1. rainfall of short duration 2. a bath underneath a share of water
Shore—n the Atlantic coast of Merlin or neighboring states of Virginia, Delaware, sometimes New Jersey (also Jersey Shore).
tar n 1. thick, sticky petroleum product used for road construction or wooderproofing 2. rubber tube mounted on a wheel of a vehicle I need four new tars for my car.
walled—adj 1. incredible, unbelievable, amazing That new Shwarzeneggar movie is really walled. 2. untamed, of animals 3. undomesticated, of animals or plants 4. unruly That challed is walled 5. resembling a walled animal or plant That ivy on the fence is getting walled.
warsh—vt 1. to clean something, usually with soap and wooder. I’m going to warsh the car.vr 2. to clean oneself, usually with soap and wooder You better warsh before dinner, hon. warshing, warshed
Warsh’in-don—pn first President of the U.S.; also Warshindon State and Warshindon, D.C.
wooder—n common name for the liquid state of H2O
yel’lah—n 1. one of three primary colors, among red and blue —adj 2. of a thing that is yellah
zinc—n wash basin, usually with drain and faucets. Go warsh your hands in the zinc.