Various Pedals

MXR Phase 90 (Script Logo) I bought this in the 1970s while in high school. This was the original Phase 90 model which rolled out in 1974. I may have bought mine that year; I have no records of the purchase. Soon after I bought it, I burned it out, which may have been the result of putting the battery in backwards. I took it to a Towson repair shop and the guy charged me maybe $12 to walk through the whole circuit and replace--I don't know, maybe a blown cap or something. Sounds cheap but that would be $63 today.

Boss Digital Delay DD-5

Boss Compressor/Sustainer CS-3

Boss Chromatic Tuner TU-2 It seems I never have enough tuners. This model is great for gigs because when you click it on, it cuts off the feed to the amp so you can tune discreetly. As with many tuners it automatically detects the string being played. It's accurate to ±3 cents, good enough for gigs but I want to get down to 1 cent for adjusting intonation.

Reverend Drivetrain Reverend is known for their guitars, and this stomp box is a clone of a Tube Screamer. I used it in Piece by Piece to boost and dirty up the tone on my Tele.

Fulltone Wah Wah Pedal I just decided I should have one. As a teen I had a Vox Wah Wah, a pre-Cry Baby pedal, an early must-have. I still have it and it is probably a collector's item now, but the potentiometer is so noisy it can't be used.