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Our trip in a Google map. It shows our travel route and important stops. Hotels are numbered.

The Trevi Fountain on our first day in Rome
IMG_8885 Trevi Fountain.JPG

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Throwing three coins in the fountain
IMG_8889 Three Coins in the Fountain.JPG

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An Egyptian obelisk in a Roman piazza
IMG_8896 obelisk.JPG

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Giolliti, an older established gelateria with a popular name. All the locals steered us away from it as a tourist attraction. I would compare it to Cafe du Monde in New Orleans. The fare is no better than elsewhere but you get a certain sense of place.
IMG_8901 Giolliti interior.JPG

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Here is where we went instead, Gelateria Le Palme (The Palms). They offer dozens of flavors, maybe over 100, including conventional gelato plus yogurts, fruits, and mousses.
IMG_8902 Le Palme.JPG

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This was an arch that Rabab paused to explore on our way to the Colosseum.
IMG_8912 stairs through arch.JPG

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The Colosseum as we approach from a side street. It's an awesome sight when it comes into view.
IMG_8915 approaching colosseum.JPG

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The Colosseum
IMG_8916 colosseum.JPG

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Interior of the Colosseum. The damage is primarily due to cannibalizing building materials over the centuries rather than natural disasters.
IMG_8921 colosseum interior.JPG

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