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Birds soar past the Kiawah Island beach
IMG_1048 flyover adjusted.jpg

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IMG_1056 Eric on beach.jpg

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Eric checks out some foam. A naturalist told us that this was natural, not pollution, and made of proteins
IMG_1057 Eric and foam.jpg

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IMG_1062 buzzing the beach.jpg

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The nature center rescued an orphaned baby squirrel and was raising it until it was old enough to be released back into the wild. It was tame enough to hold but would not be a good pet long term; they do scratch and bite.
IMG_1064 Eric with squirell.JPG

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IMG_1067 Eric squirrel.JPG

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Eric and a (stuffed) alligator
IMG_1070 Eric and gator.JPG

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Two baby alligators in the resort's nature center
IMG_1076 baby gators.jpg

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Eric and a buddy enjoy the sun outside the Charleston Aquarium
IMG_1096 Eric and friend.jpg

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