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Rabab, Nora, and Eric goof around on the boardwalk in front of Chateau Frontenac, our hotel and a local landmark.
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Eric waits for dinner at St. Patrick, an Irish pub
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Nora at St-Patrick
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Street-level view of Vieux Québec
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The city has several spots where street performers put on shows throughout the evening. These two specialized in a variety of juggling and trick bike acrobatics
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Montmorency Falls, a park outside the city. We rode a gondola to the top of the falls and crossed the bridge over them, then came down the stairway to the right.
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Flower blooming on the path up to the falls
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An eye-catching line of clothing. It was started as an anti-fashion line, featuring simple T-shirts. Wikipedia claims that the word is not nearly as offensive in Québecois French as it is in English.
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The family at Montmorency Falls
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In front of the falls
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