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Nora relaxes out back in a house on Ile d'Orleans, outside of Québec City, with the St. Lawrence river in the background
IMG_5846 view of the river from the bedroom balcony.JPG

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Nora decides it's time to stop relaxing
IMG_5847 jump.JPG

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Inside the house
IMG_5852 living room.JPG

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Nora at the end of the driveway
IMG_5858 Nora in driveway.JPG

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It's strawberry-picking season on Ile d'Orleans. We picked about four quarts.
IMG_5860 picking strawberries.JPG

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Eric sneaks one
IMG_5861 eating strawberries.JPG

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IMG_5867 Nora and her strawberries.JPG

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The store at a cheese farm on Ile d'Orleans
IMG_5902 cheese farm.JPG

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We had dinner at one of our favorites in the Basse Ville of Québec City, Le Cochon Dingue (The Mad/Crazy Pig).
IMG_5904 Le Cochon Dingue.JPG

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Eric ordered a full rack of ribs, with sauce made with maple syrup. Before and after.
IMG_5905 before and after.jpg

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