Jazz Band Masterclass
March 29, 2014
49 West, Annapolis, Md.
Jeff Antoniuk, Director, Tenor Sax
Brendan Conroy, Alto Sax
David Martin, Drums
Jody Myers, Bass
Marc Schlosberg, Tenor Sax
Jeff Seigle, Guitar
Julie Siegel, Trombone
Dave Shepherd, Piano

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Relaxin' At Camarillo
Charlie Parker

JBM 1 Relaxin' At Camarillo.code
Dolphin Dance
Herbie Hancock

JBM 2 Dolphin Dance.code
Pent Up House
Sonny Rollins

JBM 3 Pent Up House.code
Thelonius Monk

JBM 4 Reflections.code
The Jody Grind
Horace Silver

JBM 5 Jody Grind.code

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