Seigle Photos: Trip to Egypt

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We submitted a description of our vacation to the Washington Post and they printed it the following week in their "Your Vacation in Lights" series. You can see the article on the Post's web site.


Sample weather report from the period we visited Egypt

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Uncle Marwan invited to lunch at Le Pacha, a boat moored in Zamalek. It's a large boat with several restaurants. From left to right are Eric, Rabab, Nadia (Auntie Laila's sister), Guli (Rabab's mom), Rabab, Auntie Laila, and Uncle Marwan.
IMG_4668 lunch at Le Pacha.JPG

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View out the window of Le Pacha of the Nile
IMG_4671 view out window at Le Pacha.JPG

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Guli, Rabab and Auntie Mediha (Nihal's mother) at Mediha's house
IMG_4675 Rabab Guli and someone.JPG

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All of us at Mediha's; Nihal is between Rabab and Nora. Nihal is Rabab's third cousin.
IMG_4678 family at someone's.JPG

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Eric at the Pyramids as we arrive to see the Sound and Light show
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The strangest thing we saw during our trip was this group of musicians dressed in pharaonic attire playing before the Sound and Light show. The strange thing was that they were playing bagpipes. Mouse over the photo for detail.
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IMG_4692 bagpipes at pyramids.JPG

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