The Big Island of Hawaii
August 2012

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Windsurfers at Ho'okipa Beach Park, along the road to Hana just east of Pa'ia. Surfers come in the morning and windsurfers rule the waves the rest of the day.
IMG_4668 Wind surfers video.code

Eric and Nora at dinner at Ko, the restaurant in our hotel with regional specialties.
IMG_4674 Nora and Eric at dinner.JPG

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IMG_4689 flower.JPG

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On the path to Twin Falls along the Road to Hana
IMG_4701 Family at Twin Falls.JPG

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IMG_4701 Family at Twin Falls video.code

Twin Falls
IMG_4703 panorama crop.jpg

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View of the coast from an overlook along the Road to Hana
IMG_4745 view of coast.jpg

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Waves crashing into lava rock at the Keanae Peninsula, just past Aunty Sandy's where we stopped for Hawaiian shave ice and banana bread. Apparently banana bread is a thing on Maui.
IMG_4766 waves crashing on lava rock.jpg

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You are viewing items 11 to 20 out of 71.

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