Québec City
June/July 2013

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Glass fish in a shop where they have the glass blowing shop set up right there
IMG_5911 glass fish.JPG

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The Basse Ville late afternoon, looking up at Chateau Frontenac
IMG_5915 view from Basse Ville.jpg

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IMG_5918 View from Basse Ville.JPG

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Outside Le Cochon Dingue
IMG_5920 Cochon Dingue.jpg

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Rabab and Nora at lunch at Spag&Tini
IMG_5927 Rabab and Nora at Spag & Tini.JPG

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IMG_5931 Jeff and Eric at Spag & Tini.jpg

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Is it just me, or if you glance over at this sign it looks like "Sexy Change"?
IMG_5932 Sexy Change.JPG

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View of the river from Auberge les Anciens, where we had dinner
IMG_5941 View from dinner at the Auberge.jpg

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Nora at one of our daily runs at Chocolaterie d'Ile, with the best dipped soft-serve anywhere
IMG_5945 ice cream at Chocolaterie.JPG

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Still trying to eat all the strawberries
IMG_5950 strawberry view.JPG

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You are viewing items 11 to 20 out of 54.

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