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This photo was taken in an alley in Portofino.

This is the only photo in this collection that was digitally modified for more than contrast and brightness. This was heavily photoshopped. I got rid of tags on the clothing, brightened the colors in the clothing and clothes pins, and took almost all the color out of the background. I also took out a piece of clothing sticking into the photo to the left of the blue shirt, and moved the lettering on the wall up from a spot farther down, which was cropped out. I modified the perspective to correct for the fact that I was shooting up.
IMG_9600 Portofino Finery 6 8x10.jpg

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Lunch at Portofino

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A Pizza Quattro Stagioni (Four Seasons). This is one the classic pizzas in Italy, generally with ham, artichoke hearts, olives, and mushrooms.
IMG_9604 pizza.jpg

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Some messages suffer in the translation
IMG_9614 sign.JPG

Dinner at Le Palme Pizzeria in Levanto, recommended by the saleswoman in a ladies' wear shop where Rabab and Nora spent some time
IMG_9618 Eric at Le Palme.JPG

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The path leading to our inn. The inn is not directly accessible by road. We parked across the street from the entry to this path and hauled our bags down the path to the inn.
IMG_9637 path to the inn.JPG

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Our inn, La Sosta di Ottone III, was a little off the beaten path. Here is the gravel path we followed from our room to the car.
IMG_9637 path to the inn walk.code

Levanto as seen from the boat to the Cinque Terre
IMG_9639 Levanto.JPG

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The town of Riomaggiore
IMG_9659 Riomaggiore.JPG

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