Trip to Egypt

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Philae pillars
IMG_5058 Philae pillars.JPG

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Philae as seen while we're leaving in a launch
IMG_5063 Philae from boat.JPG

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Eric rides on a felucca, an Egyptian sailboat
IMG_5066 Eric on felucca.JPG

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First mate on the felucca
IMG_5069 felucca hand.JPG

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Nora, Rabab, Eric and our guide Mohammed
IMG_5070 family on felucca.JPG

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View of Nile from felucca
IMG_5074 view from felucca.JPG

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Ceiling of the airplane on our Egypt Air flight from Aswan to Abu Simbel. It made me worry about what the engine looked like.
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IMG_5076 duct tape.JPG

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An accidental double meaning. This was a sign in a display in the visitor's center at Abu Simbel showing how the temple was moved over three years to higher ground to avoid flooding when the High Dam was completed.
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IMG_5081 boring work.JPG

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Approach to Abu Simbel. In the early 1960's the temple was taken apart into pieces then reassembled. The effort took about three years.
IMG_5087 Abu Simbel front.JPG

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The interior of Abu Simbel. It was constructed so that twice a year, on the coronation day and again on the official birthday of Ramses II, the rising sun would shine so that a shaft of light illuminated the chamber at the end of this corridor.

(When we visited in 2008 photos were prohibited inside the temple. I took this photo in 1993 when Rabab and I visited here.)
IMG_5087a Abu Simbel hall.jpg

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