Québec City
June/July 2013

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At a lavender farm
IMG_5963 everyone but dad at lavendar farm.JPG

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IMG_5965 Rabab and Jeff lavendar.jpg

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The owners of the lavender farm open parts of their property to visitors. This odd tea party setup in the middle of the woods appears to be an art installation.
IMG_5970 woodsy tea party.JPG

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Looking at the river from a deck at Trois Riviéres on the way to Montréal
IMG_5973 in Trois Rivieres.JPG

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Arriving at the Jazz Festival

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Eric at breakfast at Eggspectations
IMG_5980 eric at Eggspectations.JPG

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Le Dixieband perform at the festival on a free stage
IMG_5986 Le Dixieband.JPG

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IMG_5992 Le Dixieband.JPG

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Jitterbugging to a rock & roll group
IMG_6010 jitterbug.JPG

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Dusk at the festival
IMG_6014 dusk at jazz festival.JPG

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You are viewing items 21 to 30 out of 54.

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