The Big Island of Hawaii
August 2012

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Dinner at Cafe O'Lei
IMG_5000 family at Cafe O'Lei touched.jpg

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At the hotel's bamboo garden after dinner
IMG_5003 Rabab and Nora at hotel in Maui.jpg

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Jeff and Nora at Joe's Bar and Grill, an upscale comfort-food restaurant
IMG_5031 Nora and Jeff at Joe's.JPG

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Eric paddles in the lagoon of our Big Island hotel
IMG_5035 Eric paddling on board.JPG

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IMG_5042 Nora and Eric on boards.JPG

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IMG_5045 Fairmont Orchid beach.JPG

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Snorkeling at the hotel beach. We saw Hawaiian sea turtles every time we went out, as well as other local fish.
IMG_5045 video Orchid beach snorkeling.code

The Sampler, four 5-oz. beers at Kona Brewing Company's restaurant
IMG_5062 Kona Brewing sampler.JPG

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Nora gears up at Kohala Zipline
IMG_5081 Nora getting zipline instruction.JPG

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IMG_5082 Eric preparing for zipline.JPG

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You are viewing items 41 to 50 out of 71.

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