Trip to Egypt

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A farmer on the banks, near a field of what I think are date palms, as seen from our boat
IMG_4886 farmer.JPG

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Group boarding a boat
IMG_4888 boarding a boat.JPG

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Edge of a village on the river
IMG_4894 riverbank village.JPG

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Men in a boat paddle through reeds, but I couldn't figure out what they were doing. The man standing up periodically swatted the stick down into the reeds, but they never took anything out of the water.
IMG_4895 men in reeds with boat.JPG

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Donkey card rides through a riverside village
IMG_4899 donkey cart.JPG

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Three girls walk along the Nile
IMG_4901 walking.JPG

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Two boys ride a bicycle built for one
IMG_4903 bicycle.JPG

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Nora peers around the edge of the balcony of our boat
IMG_4906 Nora on boat balcony.JPG

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Nora called our room to tell me that men were out in boats trying to throw ropes onto our boats and tie up. Could there be pirates on the Nile? I walked out onto the balcony to be hit with a gallabaya in a plastic bag. There were dozens of rowboats with men trying to sell things to people on the tour boats. Here are two men in a rowboat approaching a cruise ship to sell their wares.
IMG_4907 attack of boat people.JPG

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Rowboats swarm around another neighboring cruise ship. You can also see them around the other ship in the background. We saw maybe 100 of these rowboats.
IMG_4911 attack of boat people.JPG

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You are viewing items 51 to 60 out of 146.

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