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This walrus was swimming laps on his back while his lazier colleagues lounged at one end of the pool
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Back in Jacques Cartier Park, after a rafting trip
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Nora at the site of our Arbre en Arbre tree obstacle course run
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After finishing the course
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A schematic of the course. The purple is the test course, which you must pass first. The yellow course is for kids, and the other courses are for adults and kids 12-15 accompanied by adults. It progresses in difficulty as you move from greet to blue to red to black. The black course includes an optional Boucle Extreme (extreme loop).
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A multiple-exposure documents a practice run by a summer ski jumper at a ski resort near Lac Beauport
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A panoramic composite of Stade Municipal, home of the Québec Capitales, a team in the independent Can-Am minor league. Attendance averages 3000. Seats extend only to about the first and third bases, so every seat in the house is a good seat.
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You are viewing items 51 to 60 out of 80.
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