The Big Island of Hawaii
August 2012

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Rabab and the kids go ziplining. The heights were a little too much for Jeff. They only let participants out on the course so Jeff explored the local area in the meantime.
IMG_5082 video zipline.code

IMG_5134 mushroom.JPG

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View of the Big Island from a snorkeling boat. The trip was to snorkel in a pod of wild dolphins, which we found.
IMG_5148 Big Island seen from the boat.JPG

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Dolphins play in the wake of our boat
IMG_5148 video dolphins.code
Snorkeling with Neptune Charlie's
IMG_5148 video snorkel with dolphins.code

Lava tube just off the highway
IMG_5166 lava tube.JPG

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IMG_5221 three tier falls.JPG

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IMG_5223 family in front of waterfalls.JPG

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Candy store in Hilo. Eric is just like--well, you know.
IMG_5243 Eric in candy store.JPG

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Banyan tree in the park
IMG_5262 massive old banyon tree.JPG

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You are viewing items 51 to 60 out of 71.

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