August 2011

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That's a strike in any language
IMG_3957 crop_t.jpg

In this park, the scoreboard is still a manual affair. They use "goose eggs" for innings when the visitors go scoreless. This day the Capitales shut out the New York Federals.
IMG_3964 crop_t.jpg

The words above are balls, strikes ("takes"), and outs ("retired"). As you can guess, the line below is, "Buy your tickets online at..."
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The mascot Capi mugs for me to take a photo

IMG_3998 adjust.jpg

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A skateboarder practices at a skate park next to the ballpark
IMG_4004 adjust_t.jpg

Eric relaxes on a dock at Lac Beauport
IMG_4012 adjust_t.jpg

A wave splashed up through the bottom of the dock. This is where Jeff was lying until he was abruptly roused.

And Eric insisted on documenting the results.

You are viewing items 61 to 70 out of 80.

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