The Big Island of Hawaii
August 2012

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A waterfall tour of the Big Island. Rainbow Falls near Hilo, and Akaka Falls and Kahuna Falls in Akaka Falls State Park.
IMG_5262 video waterfalls.code

Digging up the pig for the luau
IMG_5311 digging up the pig.JPG

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Getting the big spread ready
IMG_5312 luau spread.JPG

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IMG_5318 Rabab and Eric at luau.JPG

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Reenactment of historical events
IMG_5324 history lesson.JPG

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Luau highlights: Digging up the pig; pre-show set by a trio playing modern Hawaiian music; reenactment of ancient rites; performances of a timeline of Hawaiian dancing
IMG_5324 video luau.code

Our last Hawaiian sunset
IMG_5333-2 sunset.jpg

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IMG_5377 fire man.JPG

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Metal Mike's Twisted Pretzels in Kailua-Kona
IMG_5391 Metal Mike's Twisted Pretzels.JPG

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Green coffee "cherries" at Greenwell Farms coffee plantation
IMG_5394 green coffee beans.JPG

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