Spring Break in
Yosemite National Park
San Francisco

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Eric gets ready to check in at Dulles for the flight to Oakland (IMG_3945 Eric arrives at airport.jpg)
This is our first look at the scenery at Yosemite (IMG_3958 Yosemite first look.JPG)
The Seigles on the hike to Yosemite Fall (IMG_3962 family on hike to falls.JPG)
Our first look at Yosemite Falls. The Falls is officially the highest waterfall.... (IMG_3977 approaching Yosemite Falls.JPG)
This is a trick photo of Eric pouring Yosemite Falls out of a bottle. The photo.... (IMG_3998 falls from bottle touchup.jpg)
The Lower Falls. It was a nice day and lots of people were scrambling over the.... (IMG_4000 Yosemite Falls, Lower Falls.JPG)
Nora at the Lower Falls (IMG_4004 Nora at Lower Falls.JPG)
Family at Mirror Lake (IMG_4030 family at Mirror Lake.JPG)
Some sort of moss was common on the trees. Rather than the familiar velvety.... (IMG_4036 shaggy moss.JPG)
As we were leaving the park that day we saw a herd of deer crossing the road. .... (IMG_4059 herd of deer.JPG)
Starting our hike up to the Mariposa Grove of sequioa trees. The road was.... (IMG_4061 snowshoeing.JPG)
Nora (IMG_4066 Nora on snowshoe hike.JPG)
Eric took this picture of us so I could be in one. (IMG_4070 family on snowshoe hike.JPG)
The snow at the end of the road up in the grove was considerably deeper.... (IMG_4071 Eric and parking sign.JPG)
A giant sequoia in the grove (IMG_4073 sequoia from base.JPG)
You get a sense of the size of these trees as you see Nora exploring around the.... (IMG_4081 family at base of sequoia.JPG)
Our next hike was to Bridalveil Fall. It is 620 feet high. The fall is subject.... (IMG_4092 Bridalveil Falls.JPG)
Top of the fall (IMG_4097 top of Bridalveil.JPG)
The daytime temperatures were above freezing but it was still very cold at.... (IMG_4107 Bridalveil frost.JPG)
Half Dome is one of the famous large granite monoliths in the park. Here is a.... (IMG_4127 Half Dome and moon.JPG)
Eric wakes up early and starts playing with his DS in the pre-dawn hours (IMG_4133 DS at dawn.JPG)
Rabab takes a short break on the steep climb up the trial to Vernal Fall (IMG_4151 Rabab takes a break.JPG)
Vernal Fall, 316 feet high. (IMG_4160 Vernal Falls.JPG)
Eric poses with a Forty-Niner in the Yosemite Visitor Center museum (IMG_4178 Eric and prospector buddy.JPG)
Yosemite Fall (IMG_4187 view of Yosemite Falls with tree.JPG)
Our last look at Yosemite Fall as we leave the park (IMG_4188 Yosemite Falls seen from pond.JPG)
View of the mountains as we drive out of the park (IMG_4212 Last view of Yosemite.JPG)
We stopped in Modesto for lunch on the way to San Francisco. We were walking.... (IMG_4218 Modesto Easter bunny.JPG)
Farther down the road we passed a wind farm visible from I-880. There were.... (IMG_4234 wind turbines in a row.JPG)
A cow enjoys viewing the wind turbines (IMG_4245 wind farm with cow.JPG)
The inside of the Lark in the Morning musical instrument store in San Francisco..... (IMG_4250 Lark in the Morning.JPG)
The elevator lobby in our hotel, The Argonaut. The hotel is housed in an.... (IMG_4256 eccentric elevator lobby.JPG)
The family dining at The Franciscan, a seafood restaurant on the pier. The food.... (IMG_4259 dinner at The Franciscan.JPG)
A riot of reflections in The Franciscan after dark (IMG_4260 reflections.JPG)
Nora rides the Powell-Hyde cable car (IMG_4265 Nora riding cable car.JPG)
Family on the cable car (IMG_4266 family on cable car.JPG)
Nora by the fountain, where she had last visited at around age 3 (IMG_4283 Nora at fountain.JPG)
A bird disrupts the water flow in the fountain (IMG_4287 bird feet in fountain.JPG)
The lazy sea lions at Dock K (IMG_4291 seals.JPG)
A windsurfer on the bay (IMG_4301 windsurfer.JPG)
View of the Golden Gate bridge. This view is a little different than the one.... (IMG_4310 view from under GG bridge.JPG)
(IMG_4313 GG bridge.JPG)
View of a San Francisco street from the water (IMG_4321 view of street from boat.JPG)
A sign "welcoming" people to Alcatraz. We did not tour the island but saw it.... (IMG_4331 Alcatraz sign.JPG)
(IMG_4346 family at bridge.JPG)
Rabab and Eric at dinner at The Stinking Rose, a restaurant in North Beach that.... (IMG_4348 Eric and Rabab at The Stinking Rose.JPG)
(IMG_4349 Jeff and Nora at The Stinking Rose.JPG)
(IMG_4354 seagull and bridge.JPG)
At the Exploratorium, a hands-on science museum, Nora and Rabab entered a.... (IMG_4370 Nora taller than Rabab.JPG)
(IMG_4374 toilet fountain.JPG)
Eric sits with two fingers in a device that is reading his emotional responses. .... (IMG_4378 Emotion tracer.JPG)
In this exhibit, the subject places his hand under a brass model of a hand. The.... (IMG_4380 The Phantom Hand.JPG)
Nora and Eric near the front of the museum. On the floor is a distorted photo.... (IMG_4386 anamorphic cat.JPG)
The National Park Service operates a maritime museum that includes some old.... (IMG_4388 mast.JPG)
Nora in the cargo hold of the Balclutha, sitting on a lumber shipment. (IMG_4394 Nora in cargo hold.JPG)
This is the captain's quarters in the Balclutha, quite a bit more luxurious than.... (IMG_4396 captain's quarters.JPG)
(IMG_4404 rigging.JPG)
While we were touring the ship, a group of children were working in an.... (IMG_4407 crew.JPG)
Nora on the Eureka. The Eureka is a steam-powered ferry that carried up to 120.... (IMG_4409 Nora and antique cars.JPG)
Boiler instruments on the Eureka (IMG_4411 boiler room.JPG)
(IMG_4430 Jeff and Nora in front of Balclutha.JPG)
The view from Coit Tower atop Telegraph Hill (IMG_4432 view from tower.JPG)
(IMG_4434 view 2 from tower.JPG)
Coit Tower exterior (IMG_4467 tower from base.JPG)
Stairs of a residence we passed descending the stairs from the Tower (IMG_4471 stairs on hill detail.JPG)
Lily in front of a home on Telegraph Hill (IMG_4475 lily.JPG)
(IMG_4477 descent from tower.JPG)
View of the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge from the Ferry Building (IMG_4479 bay bridge at sunset.JPG)
Dinner at The Slanted Door, a Vietnamese restaurant in the Ferry Building (IMG_4483 dinner at The Slanted Door.JPG)
The Bay Bridge after sunset (IMG_4488 bay bridge after dark.JPG)
Riding a historic F-line streetcar along The Embarcadero from the Ferry Building.... (IMG_4497 riding the streetcar.JPG)