Trip to Egypt
June 2010
Cairo and Marina

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Eric dives in to beat the heat at Mervat's community pool (IMG_1786.JPG)
Rabab, Nora, and Guli relax in the shade by the pool (IMG_1813.JPG)
View of Cairo from Al Azhar Park (IMG_1817 adjusted.jpg)
Performers at dinner at Al Azhar Park (IMG_1818.JPG)
View of Mohammed Ali Mosque from Al Azhar Park (IMG_1822 Mohammed Ali seen from Al Azhar, clear sky.jpg)
Eric, and Mervat's son Mohammed (IMG_1825 Mohammed and Eric.JPG)
Skirt dancer (similar to "whirling dervish") (IMG_1829 skirt dancer.JPG)
Mervat and Guli (IMG_1848 Mervat and Guli at Al Azhar dinner.JPG)
Nora and Malak, Mervat's daughter. Malak spent a semester at American University.... (IMG_1851 Mervat and Nora at Al Azhar dinner.JPG)
The view of the beach on the Mediterranean in front of the beach house of the.... (IMG_1869 Marina.JPG)
Eric and his third cousin Nora (IMG_1883.JPG)
Sea wall made of big cubes of concrete (IMG_1885.JPG)
The town center at Marina, including a canal modeled after Venice (IMG_1917.JPG)
(IMG_1930 exp.jpg)
(IMG_1935 Eric at Marina.jpg)
The World War II museum at El Alamein commemerates the battle there, a key.... (IMG_1992.JPG)
Eric and little Nora in the museum (IMG_1995.JPG)
Eric plays with the dog at Rabab's second cousin Khalid's place, also near the.... (IMG_2039.JPG)
We ran across this camel caravan as we were leaving Marina (IMG_2060.JPG)
Eric plays cards with Rabab's cousin Amina (IMG_2071.JPG)
Eric at a pastry shop in Cairo (IMG_2077.JPG)
No shortage of TV antennas on the Cairo skyline (IMG_2080.JPG)
Rabab and Nihal (IMG_2084.JPG)
Rabab's Uncle Marwan (IMG_2106.JPG)
Shopping in Cairo (IMG_2123.jpg)
Catching the bus in Zamalek (IMG_2144.JPG)
Although Egypt is a Mulsim country, they do have beer and wine stores (IMG_2145.jpg)
A party at Uncle Ahmed's house just before we head to the airport (IMG_2193.JPG)