Kiawah Island, South Carolina
Spring Break 2010

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Birds soar past the Kiawah Island beach (IMG_1048 flyover adjusted.jpg)
(IMG_1051 flyover adjusted.jpg)
(IMG_1056 Eric on beach.jpg)
Eric checks out some foam. A naturalist told us that this was natural, not.... (IMG_1057 Eric and foam.jpg)
(IMG_1062 buzzing the beach.jpg)
The nature center rescued an orphaned baby squirrel and was raising it until it.... (IMG_1064 Eric with squirell.JPG)
(IMG_1067 Eric squirrel.JPG)
Eric and a (stuffed) alligator (IMG_1070 Eric and gator.JPG)
Two baby alligators in the resort's nature center (IMG_1076 baby gators.jpg)
Eric and a buddy enjoy the sun outside the Charleston Aquarium (IMG_1096 Eric and friend.jpg)
A snake in the aquarium (IMG_1104 snake.jpg)
(IMG_1109 bird.jpg)
(IMG_1112 bird.jpg)
In Charleston we saw these two telephone poles that for some reason enticed.... (IMG_1120 gum poles.JPG)
(IMG_1130 Eric on beach.jpg)
A large alligator near the resort's nature center, sunning himself on the banks.... (IMG_1134 alligator.JPG)
We met Domenic for dinner near his home in Mount Pleasant. (IMG_1140 family with Domenic.jpg)
We hired Capt. Randy Smith to take us for an outing to the Morris Island.... (IMG_1155 sand dollars and lighthouse.jpg)
(IMG_1157 Rabab and Nora at lighthouse.jpg)
Sunset at the resort, during an oyster roast (IMG_1173 sunset.jpg)
While bicycling we happened along five turtles in a row on this drainage pipe in.... (IMG_1178 turtles.jpg)
(IMG_1201 snail.JPG)
A gull reviews the troops (IMG_1214 reviewing the troops.jpg)
I think this is a Royal Tern (IMG_1221 tern.jpg)
Ourlast morning before heading for home (IMG_1283 family on beach.jpg)