The Snowstorms of February 2010

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The start of the first storm, about 1:00 AM (IMG_0736.jpg)
I left the van in the driveway so I could put the convertible in the garage (IMG_0745.JPG)
After shoveling the sidewalk (IMG_0747.JPG)
The view down Black Stallion Place to Woodford. It would be the first of many.... (IMG_0752.JPG)
A lone Beetle in a parking lot just down Woodford (IMG_0763.JPG)
A crew starts clearing the sidewalks in front of an office building on Woodford..... (IMG_0768.JPG)
Here I am on the sidewalk at the end of our driveway after a couple of hours of.... (IMG_0788.JPG)
Our house (IMG_0790.JPG)
The view down our street a couple of days after the storm (IMG_0793.JPG)
I shoveled off our deck but took this measurement first (IMG_0816.JPG)