August 2011

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Rabab, Nora, and Eric goof around on the boardwalk in front of Chateau.... (IMG_3491 adjust_t.jpg)
Eric waits for dinner at St. Patrick, an Irish pub (IMG_3492 adjust_t.jpg)
Nora at St-Patrick (IMG_3494 adjust_t.jpg)
Street-level view of Vieux Québec (IMG_3495 adjust_t.jpg)
The city has several spots where street performers put on shows throughout the.... (IMG_3512 adjust_t.jpg)
Montmorency Falls, a park outside the city. We rode a gondola to the top of the.... (IMG_3514 adjust.jpg)
Flower blooming on the path up to the falls (IMG_3516 adjust2.jpg)
An eye-catching line of clothing. It was started as an anti-fashion line,.... (IMG_3519 adjust_t.JPG)
The family at Montmorency Falls (IMG_3524 adjust_t.jpg)
In front of the falls (IMG_3542 adjust_t.jpg)
Rabab strolls outside the walls of the Citadel (IMG_3544 adjust_t.jpg)
Ceremonial sentries guard the interior of the Citadel, still used by part of a.... (IMG_3546 adjust_t.jpg)
A World War II tank (IMG_3549 adjust_t.jpg)
(IMG_3567 bee crop 2.JPG)
(IMG_3580 adjust_t.jpg)
(IMG_3583 Nora at lunch crop_t.JPG)
Overlooking Vieux Québec, the Old City. They close this street to autos each day.... (IMG_3591 adjust_t.jpg)
Eric suddenly grows 2 feet (IMG_3599 adjust_t.jpg)
Trompe l'oeil mural on the side of the building in Basse Ville, the Low City,.... (IMG_3611 adjust.jpg)
Cafés and shops in Basse Ville (IMG_3619_t.jpg)
Chateau Frontenac seen from Basse Ville (IMG_3621 r90_t.jpg)
A couple enjoys the morning on a patio seen from the hotel (IMG_3641 crop_t.JPG)
A goat being shown at Expo Québec, the local version of a county fair (IMG_3658_t.jpg)
A shaggy sheep (IMG_3659 sharpen_t.jpg)
Horses preparing to be shown (IMG_3662 crop_t.jpg)
The inside of a military ambulance, part of a police and military exhibit at the.... (IMG_3668 adjust_t.JPG)
A tour guide aboard a boat dressed as Louis Jolliet, an explorer born in 1645 in.... (IMG_3670 crop_t.jpg)
View of the Chateau Frontenac from the river (IMG_3671 adjust_t.jpg)
Freight loaders at the riverfront (IMG_3678 adjust_t.jpg)
Thanks to Eric for taking this picture of Jeff, who is usually on the other side.... (IMG_3722 crop_t.jpg)
(IMG_3727 adjust_t.jpg)
(IMG_3730 crop.jpg)
(IMG_3731 adjust.jpg)
(IMG_3733 adjust_t.jpg)
The bridge over Canyon Falls, a series of seven falls (IMG_3771 R90R crop_t.jpg)
Nora at Canyon Falls (IMG_3774 clean_t.jpg)
A sunflower field on Ile d'Orleans, an island in the St. Lawrence river (IMG_3788 crop_t.jpg)
Bongs in a Basse Ville head shop modeled after popular bottles (but note the new.... (IMG_3794 adjust_t.jpg)
(IMG_3795 adjust_t.jpg)
Glass blowers work in a glassware shop just off the steps back up to Vieux.... (IMG_3800 adjust_t.jpg)
(IMG_3801 adjust_t.jpg)
(IMG_3803 adjust_t.jpg)
Maple taffy on sale at a maple shop in Basse Ville. They roll the stick back in.... (IMG_3806 R90R adjust crop_t.jpg)
Stamped out silhouettes are suspended overhead to decorate the walkways among.... (IMG_3807 adjust_t.jpg)
(IMG_3810 R90R_t.jpg)
Girls watch a street performer in front of Chateau Frontenac (IMG_3813 composite adjust crop shop_t.jpg)
The river Jacques Cartier runs through the Jacques Cartier National Park (IMG_3827_t.jpg)
Mushroom in the park (IMG_3829 adjust crop_t.jpg)
A starfish beckons at the Québec Aquarium (IMG_3840 adjust_t.jpg)
(IMG_3846 adjust_t.jpg)
This walrus was swimming laps on his back while his lazier colleagues lounged at.... (IMG_3866 adjust_t.jpg)
(IMG_3870 adjust_t.jpg)
Back in Jacques Cartier Park, after a rafting trip (IMG_3877 adjust.jpg)
Nora at the site of our Arbre en Arbre tree obstacle course run (IMG_3901 crop_t.jpg)
After finishing the course (IMG_3905 adjust_t.jpg)
A schematic of the course. The purple is the test course, which you must pass.... (IMG_3906 adjust.jpg)
A multiple-exposure documents a practice run by a summer ski jumper at a ski.... (IMG_3921-32 sequence.jpg)
A panoramic composite of Stade Municipal, home of the Québec Capitales, a team.... (IMG_3937-44 baseball composite masked_t.JPG)
That's a strike in any language (IMG_3957 crop_t.jpg)
In this park, the scoreboard is still a manual affair. They use "goose eggs" for.... (IMG_3964 crop_t.jpg)
The words above are balls, strikes ("takes"), and outs ("retired"). As you can.... (IMG_3979 crop_t.jpg)
The mascot Capi mugs for me to take a photo (IMG_3990_t.jpg)
(IMG_3998 adjust.jpg)
A skateboarder practices at a skate park next to the ballpark (IMG_4004 adjust_t.jpg)
Eric relaxes on a dock at Lac Beauport (IMG_4012 adjust_t.jpg)
A wave splashed up through the bottom of the dock. This is where Jeff was lying.... (IMG_4013_t.jpg)
And Eric insisted on documenting the results. (IMG_4017_t.jpg)
Chateau Frontenac (IMG_4028 adjust_t.jpg)
(IMG_4032 adjust_t.jpg)
(IMG_4033 adjust_t.jpg)
Rabab looks at the menu at Le Cochon Dingue (The Crazy Pig). They served the.... (IMG_4035_t.jpg)
(IMG_4040 adjust_t.jpg)
(IMG_4040 dark_t.jpg)
When we were leaving DC we had to park on the very top of a packed parking.... (IMG_4041 composite_t.jpg)
We timed our trip to miss two major natural events. (News stories001_t.jpg)
(News stories002_t.jpg)
A look back to Vieux Québec from the Citadel (View of old city from the Citadel_t.jpg)