The Big Island of Hawaii
August 2012

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Eric and Nora on our arrival at our Maui Hotel (IMG_4589 Eric and Nora arrival in Maui.JPG)
The family at Kanaha Beach Park, a popular spot for surfers and windsurfers (IMG_4611 family at Kahan Beach Park.JPG)
Eric and Nora near the summit of Haleakala, Maui's dormant volcano. (IMG_4616 Eric and Nora above the clouds.jpg)
Visitor's center near the top of Haleakala (IMG_4632 panorama crop.jpg)
You Are Here (IMG_4644 Volcano You Are Here.JPG)
View from the summit, above the clouds (IMG_4650 Volcano Summit.JPG)
Elevation at summit (IMG_4651 Elevation.JPG)
Bye Nora! (IMG_4652 Over the edge.JPG)
Family at summit (IMG_4654 Family at volcano.JPG)
Windsurfers back at the park (IMG_4668 Wind surfers.JPG)
Windsurfers at Ho'okipa Beach Park, along the road to Hana just east of Pa'ia..... (IMG_4668 Wind surfers video.code)
Eric and Nora at dinner at Ko, the restaurant in our hotel with regional.... (IMG_4674 Nora and Eric at dinner.JPG)
(IMG_4689 flower.JPG)
(IMG_4697 flower.JPG)
On the path to Twin Falls along the Road to Hana (IMG_4701 Family at Twin Falls.JPG)
(IMG_4701 Family at Twin Falls video.code)
Twin Falls (IMG_4703 panorama crop.jpg)
(IMG_4738 crop.jpg)
View of the coast from an overlook along the Road to Hana (IMG_4745 view of coast.jpg)
Waves crashing into lava rock at the Keanae Peninsula, just past Aunty Sandy's.... (IMG_4766 waves crashing on lava rock.jpg)
Jeff stands in a lava tube in Waianapanapa State Park, which features a black.... (IMG_4793 exposure.jpg)
Three Bears Falls (Upper Waikani Falls) (IMG_4793 video Three Bears Falls.code)
Lizard outside our hotel lanai. Kind of reminded me of Geico. (IMG_4802 lizard near balcony.jpg)
Snorkeling on a boat trip at Coral Gardens, on a boat trip by Four Winds II. (IMG_4802z Coral Gardens DSC04602 Coral Gardens.jpg)
Eric looking for fish (IMG_4802z Coral Gardens DSC04621 Coral Gardens Eric.jpg)
Yellow fish at Coral Gardens (IMG_4802z Coral Gardens DSC04641 Coral Gardens yellow fish.jpg)
Blue fish at Coral Gardens (IMG_4802z Coral Gardens DSC04652 Coral Gardens.jpg)
Jeff looking for Eric (IMG_4802z Coral Gardens DSC04656 Coral Gardens Jeff.jpg)
Nora looking for her phone (IMG_4802z Coral Gardens DSC04664 Coral Gardens Nora.jpg)
Fish at Coral Gardens (IMG_4802z Coral Gardens DSC04680 Coral Gardens fish.jpg)
Snorkeling at Coral Gardens (IMG_4802z Coral Gardens DSC04680 video Coral Gardens.code)
A sea turtle takes a breath as we pass on the Four Winds II boat trip (IMG_4827 turtle seen from Four Winds II.JPG)
Wind farm on south Maui around the corner from Coral Gardens (IMG_4834 wind farm.jpg)
(IMG_4860 stream in park.JPG)
Nakalele Blowhole. After a long climb down a rugged, rocky path, we reached the.... (IMG_4897 blowhole.jpg)
(IMG_4915 blowhole with Rabab and Jeff.jpg)
The blowhole (IMG_4915 video blowhole.code)
(IMG_4923 Rabab Jeff Nora Eric.JPG)
Sunset at our Maui hotel (IMG_4955-6 merge sunset color.jpg)
Eric body boards at sunset in the surf at our hotel beach (IMG_4986 Eric on beach at sunset Maui.JPG)
Dinner at Cafe O'Lei (IMG_5000 family at Cafe O'Lei touched.jpg)
At the hotel's bamboo garden after dinner (IMG_5003 Rabab and Nora at hotel in Maui.jpg)
Jeff and Nora at Joe's Bar and Grill, an upscale comfort-food restaurant (IMG_5031 Nora and Jeff at Joe's.JPG)
Eric paddles in the lagoon of our Big Island hotel (IMG_5035 Eric paddling on board.JPG)
(IMG_5042 Nora and Eric on boards.JPG)
(IMG_5045 Fairmont Orchid beach.JPG)
Snorkeling at the hotel beach. We saw Hawaiian sea turtles every time we went.... (IMG_5045 video Orchid beach snorkeling.code)
The Sampler, four 5-oz. beers at Kona Brewing Company's restaurant (IMG_5062 Kona Brewing sampler.JPG)
Nora gears up at Kohala Zipline (IMG_5081 Nora getting zipline instruction.JPG)
(IMG_5082 Eric preparing for zipline.JPG)
Rabab and the kids go ziplining. The heights were a little too much for Jeff..... (IMG_5082 video zipline.code)
(IMG_5134 mushroom.JPG)
View of the Big Island from a snorkeling boat. The trip was to snorkel in a pod.... (IMG_5148 Big Island seen from the boat.JPG)
Dolphins play in the wake of our boat (IMG_5148 video dolphins.code)
Snorkeling with Neptune Charlie's (IMG_5148 video snorkel with dolphins.code)
Lava tube just off the highway (IMG_5166 lava tube.JPG)
(IMG_5221 three tier falls.JPG)
(IMG_5223 family in front of waterfalls.JPG)
Candy store in Hilo. Eric is just like--well, you know. (IMG_5243 Eric in candy store.JPG)
Banyan tree in the park (IMG_5262 massive old banyon tree.JPG)
A waterfall tour of the Big Island. Rainbow Falls near Hilo, and Akaka Falls and.... (IMG_5262 video waterfalls.code)
Digging up the pig for the luau (IMG_5311 digging up the pig.JPG)
Getting the big spread ready (IMG_5312 luau spread.JPG)
(IMG_5318 Rabab and Eric at luau.JPG)
Reenactment of historical events (IMG_5324 history lesson.JPG)
Luau highlights: Digging up the pig; pre-show set by a trio playing modern.... (IMG_5324 video luau.code)
Our last Hawaiian sunset (IMG_5333-2 sunset.jpg)
(IMG_5377 fire man.JPG)
Metal Mike's Twisted Pretzels in Kailua-Kona (IMG_5391 Metal Mike's Twisted Pretzels.JPG)
Green coffee "cherries" at Greenwell Farms coffee plantation (IMG_5394 green coffee beans.JPG)
A few ripe cherries ready to be picked (IMG_5402 ripe cherries.JPG)