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(IMG_6457 Verona Arena exterior_t.jpg)
(IMG_6458 waiting in line for Arena tour_t.jpg)
(IMG_6459 Verona Arena interior_t.jpg)
(IMG_6461 sitting in the Arena_t.jpg)
We went back the next day to see an opera, Carmen. (IMG_6463z Verona Arena during show+crop copy.jpg)
(IMG_6470 Verona outside Arena_t.jpg)
(IMG_6472 Juliet courtyard_t.jpg)
(IMG_6474 Juliet locks 1 crop 8x10_t.jpg)
A storm approaches in Verona (IMG_6479 storm's coming.jpg)
(IMG_6482 Verona rain 1_t.jpg)
(IMG_6484 Touch Scream crop_t.jpg)
(IMG_6486 three girls_edited-1.jpg)
(IMG_6496 four kids at entrance to Sirmione old town_t.jpg)
(IMG_6505 dinner in Sirmione_t.jpg)
(IMG_6533 ruins on Sirmione_t.jpg)
(IMG_6534 Eric on boat_t.jpg)
(IMG_6537 lunch by boat_t.jpg)
(IMG_6553 Bardolino_t.jpg)
(IMG_6573 Nora and Grace_t.jpg)
(IMG_6575 Jeff_t.jpg)
(IMG_6576 Rabab_t.jpg)
(IMG_6590 famous church in Venice_t.jpg)
(IMG_6594 Venice near Hard Rock Cafe_t.jpg)
(IMG_6595 lunch in Venice Tearto Goldoni_t.jpg)
(IMG_6605 all in S. Marco PE_t.jpg)
When we were in Verona, we met this young man from Sweden waiting in line to get.... (IMG_6607 Swedish couple.JPG)
The Bridge of Sighs (Ponte dei Sospiri) (IMG_6617.JPG)
(IMG_6618 Lucy and Grace at Bridge of Sighs_t.jpg)
(IMG_6621 Farrells at Bridge of Sighs_t.jpg)
(IMG_6629 view from Ponte Rialto_t.jpg)
(IMG_6650 crab_t.jpg)
(IMG_6663 kids in front of castle.jpg)
(IMG_6694 door.jpg)
Mailbox for the monastery (IMG_6695 monastery mailbox.jpg)
Unclear on the concept We stayed one night in this hotel near the airport the.... (zHotel unclear on the concept.jpg)