Favorite Photos

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Measurement of 18 inches of snow in our yard around 1996. (18_inches.jpg)
(IMG_0136 mushrooms, softer.JPG)
(IMG_0142 mushrooms.JPG)
View into the Eiffel tower from below. Shot in color but digitally modified.... (IMG_0995.2.1.1 view up into the Eiffel tower, monochrome, contrast.JPG)
Roofs at the Chambord chateau in France (IMG_1188 Chambord roofs 2.JPG)
Bas relief on the wall of Mont St. Michel in France (IMG_1385 bas relief at Mt. St. Michel.JPG)
A snail in the garden of Claude Monet in France (IMG_1491 snail at Monet gardens.JPG)
A beetle on a leaf in Claude Monet's garden in France (IMG_1496 shiny beetle.JPG)
Interior of Antelope Slot Canyon near Page, Arizona (IMG_2061.JPG)
Interior of Antelope Slot Canyon near Page, Arizona (IMG_2062.JPG)
View up hill in Zion National Park (IMG_2109, crop 1.JPG)
Bryce Canyon National Park at sunrise (IMG_2297, contrast.JPG)
Nora playing with Willie's dog Cody on the beach at Corolla, North Carolina (IMG_2628 Nora and Cody on the beach.JPG)
Yosemite Fall in Yosemite National Park (IMG_4187 view of Yosemite Falls with tree, rotated.JPG)
Cow minding the wind farm outside San Francisco (IMG_4245 wind farm with cows.JPG)
Bird in fountain in San Francisco (IMG_4287 bird feet in fountain.JPG)
Golden Gate Bridge (IMG_4313 GG bridge.JPG)
(IMG_5290 big leap crop retouch.jpg)
(IMG_7611-01 color.jpg)
(IMG_8633 fireworks.JPG)
Butterfly as seen in the butterfly bush in our back yard (butterfly.jpg)
This odd piece is a sculpture that I saw in a courtyard at a museum in Montreal..... (high_chair.jpg)
Sunset at Hemingway's on the Chesapeake Bay (sunset.jpg)
Crowd watching the tents going up when the Ringling Brothers/Barnum & Bailey.... (tent_watchers.jpg)
Procession at a typical Egyptian wedding taking place in Virginia (wedding.jpg)