Favorite Family Photos
Over the Years

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Eric playing for the Rookie Braves in Vienna Little League (2005, age 6) (2005_eric_baseball.jpg)
Eric and Jeff. Jeff was the manager of Eric's Rookie team (2005_jeff_and_eric_baseball.jpg)
Nora played Vienna Girls' Softball in the 2005 season (2005_nora_softball.jpg)
Jeff's dad with Megan. Megan is the daughter of Jeff's sister Lisa. (Dad and Megan 1.jpg)
Eric as a newborn, still in the hospital (Eric asleep.jpg)
Eric asks to be let in after a big storm left an icy snow drift against the.... (Eric on ice drift.jpg)
(Eric with football.jpg)
Jeff's dad always made sure that Eric was supplied with lots of trucks and cars (Eric_with_trucks.jpg)
From left, Nora, Megan, Jeff's dad, Kelly, and Eric in front (Grampy and grandchildren.jpg)
Nora and Eric, halloween 2005. Eric was a washing machine and Nora was cotton.... (Halloween 2005.jpg)
Nora in the flower garden at the Bellagio hotel in Las Vegas during spring break.... (IMG_2337, contrast.JPG)
(Nora and Eric on balcony 2.jpg)
Nora comes down the 60-foot "Leap of Faith" water slide nearly straight down at.... (Nora on Leap of Faith 1.jpg)
(Nora swimming with goggles.jpg)
Nora dances with her Club Med kids' club class. The song was "Barbie Girl" (barbie_girls.jpg)
Nora rolls out pizza dough (chef_nora.jpg)
Nora perches on a phone book to use the computer (computer_feet.jpg)
Eric on the beach in Egypt (eric_beach.jpg)
Eric brushes off Rabab's mom's car after a big storm (eric_brushing_car.jpg)
Eric calmly assesses the situation at the bumper cars at Adventure World (now.... (eric_bumper_car.jpg)
Eric with pigs and cows at a store near Woodstock, Vermont (eric_pigs.jpg)
Eric during a ski lesson at Seven Springs (eric_snowboard_school.jpg)
Eric snowboards at a local park (eric_snowboarding.jpg)
Halloween (eric_spider-man.jpg)
Eric gets a boost to brush teeth on vacation (eric_suitcase.jpg)
Eric rocks and rolls on the deck (eric_toy_guitar.jpg)
Eric is threatened with total envelopment in a swarm of attacking bubbles (ericbubbles.jpg)
Eric begs for entry to the house after we have a snowstorm. The snowdrift.... (ericsnowdrift.jpg)
Eric watches the sparkler on his birthday cake. We bought the sparkler on our.... (ericsparkler.jpg)
The Seigle family gathers at the Shils' Back row, L to R: Ed Byrnes, Jeff.... (family at Shils.jpg)
The whole family shares a throne at the Atlantis resort (family on throne 2.jpg)
Enjoying a gathering at the Cairo Marriott in 2006. Left to right Rabab's mom,.... (grandmas_grandkids.jpg)
Halloween 2003: Eric as Sponge Bob Square Pants, and Nora as Teenage Rock Star (halloween_2003.jpg)
Halloween. Eric as a box of popcorn and Nora as a movie theater floor. (halloween_2004.jpg)
Zion National Park, 2007. Jeff's hangs on moments before plummeting to his doom (hanginginthere.jpg)
Nora and Eric at EPCOT Center (kids_epcot.jpg)
Nora and Eric asleep as we fly to Egypt via London on British Air, probably 1997 (kids_flying.jpg)
Halloween (minnie.jpg)
Eric and Nora with Jeff's mom (mom_nora_eric.jpg)
Rabab, Nora, and Eric with Rabab's cousin Nehal in our Cairo hotel room (nihal_with_us.jpg)
Nora graduates from Kindergarten (nora_cap_gown.jpg)
Nora sandwiched in to ride a donkey at Nihal's farm outside Cairo (nora_donkey.jpg)
Nora as Dorothy, Halloween (nora_dorothy.jpg)
Nora has her face painted at Disney World (nora_face_painted.jpg)
Nora at Ghirardelli's in San Francisco (nora_ice_cream_2.jpg)
Nora outside the Citadel in Cairo (nora_ice_cream_3.jpg)
Nora at Seven Springs ski school (nora_ski_school.jpg)
Nora in her bedroom after breaking her wrist at ice skating camp. (noracast.jpg)
Nora plays with Willie's dog Cody at the beach during a vacation to the Outer.... (noracodybeach.jpg)
Nora dries off following her bath on vacation at Club Med in Eleuthera, Bahamas (noraintowel.jpg)
Rabab with Eric as a baby, probably 2006 (rabab_baby_eric.jpg)
The whole family on a hike to a waterfall in Shenandoah National Park (shenandoah.jpg)
Composite of Eric snowboarding down a hill at the local park (snowboard_series.jpg)