Seigle Photos: 907 Lincoln

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Sigma Phi Place 1979-007.jpg

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Sigma Phi Place 1979-009.jpg

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Sigma Phi Place 1979-012.jpg

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This is the hallway from the foyer leading to the living room. In the background is house dog, Sigmund Phideaux, affectionately known as Siggy.
Sigma Phi Place 1979-013.jpg

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Sigma Phi Place 1979-014.jpg

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Sigma Phi Place 1979-015.jpg

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The piano got most of its use by Sig "Wild" Bill Lasher. Bill was a talented pianist who could play anything by ear. Bill studied naval architecture at Michigan, and is now Professor Emeritus of Mechanical Engineering at Penn state.
Sigma Phi Place 1979-016.jpg

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