Jeff's Upcoming Gigs

Jeff's current project is The String Theory trio, with guitarist Jerry Bresee and bassist Guy Stevens. We play occasionally at the Blend Coffee Bar in Ashurn, Va., which also serves beer and wine.

Jeff also plays regularly in a Jazz Band Masterclass workshop group. Saxophonist Jeff Antoniuk oversees the project of several groups led by him or other local musical luminaries. The group's last performance was at Twins Jazz in D.C., where they typically perform twice a year.<-->

Jeff also occasionally sits in with other local groups, including Mad Dog Jazz and the Bob Schwartz Quartet.

See my review on the CD boxed set Progressions: 100 Years of Jazz Guitar

Here is the sheet for my arrangement of Bill Evans's Waltz For Debby for solo guitar. Thanks to Kent Hewitt for providing a transcription of the piano version.

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My practice room is shown below. It's also the ironing room, the sitting room, the overflow closet room, and the second guest room. Click on a guitar, instrument, or device for more info.

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