Seigle Photos: 907 Lincoln
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25. View into the bedroom of the room shown in #24.
Sigma Phi Place 1979-031.jpg

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24. A typical Senior Wing room. The four rooms on this hall are all two-room suites. All sixteen rooms in the house are doubles. The fence that can be seen through the window is the one seen from the front of the house and provides privacy for the rooms facing the front. There are two suites on either side of the hall, two facing the front and two facing into the courtyard seen in #11.

This was my room in the Senior Wing when I roomed with Gerry Cesarato and Alex the Russian wolfhound. I was only a sophomore and it was my first year in the house, but Gerry was a senior so had priority for room picks. I do not remember the name of the room but it was the next room on the left past the President's Suite. When I left the house I was the only Sigma Phi who had lived in each of the four Senior Wing rooms, since I lived there for three school years and also three summers. I'm not sure if that record was ever equaled. My roommates included Gerry, Brian Dunbar, Paul Brown, pledge brother Jack Baker when he was Head of House (which entitled him to the President's Suite, which had its own bathroom), and Neil Hediger (and his parakeet Omar).

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22. A typical upstairs room in the Junior Wing, the upstairs part of the split-level portion of the house. The rafters are on the bottom of the loft, not the ceiling.
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23. Moving back out into and across the entry hall we see the entrance to the two halls we have just left, as seen from the Senior Wing.
Sigma Phi Place 1979-034.jpg

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