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Seagull island (IMG_6800 Seagull island 2.JPG)
View of the lake from our second-floor deck (IMG_6801.JPG)
Bugs on our hike through Cook Mountain Conservancy (IMG_6824 bugs on flower+tight2.JPG)
(IMG_6829 log adjust crop.jpg)
(IMG_6830 red mushroom.jpg)
(IMG_6831 two mushrooms.jpg)
(IMG_6840 pink mushroom peeking out.jpg)
(IMG_6841 many mushrooms adjust and sharpen+clone highlight.jpg)
This mushroom reminded me of a bagel (IMG_6844 bagel mushroom adjusted.jpg)
(IMG_6845 mushroom.jpg)
(IMG_6854 studious.jpg)
Libby's Bakery Cafe in Ticonderoga. Delightful! (IMG_6871 Libby's.jpg)
(IMG_6876 kids on boat.jpg)
Eric, Nora, Zac, and Tarek swim with the ducks while we anchor in a little cove (IMG_6879 swimming with ducks.JPG)
(IMG_6884 ducks.jpg)
Roger's Rock. We saw some climbers. Climbers are in the annotated.... (IMG_6887 climbers distant.jpg)
(IMG_6889 higher climbers.jpg)
(IMG_6890 lower climber 2.jpg)
Bargain. (IMG_6895 house for sale.jpg)
(IMG_6936 Eric on tube.jpg)
(IMG_6968 eric tube overall.jpg)
(IMG_7192 red top mushroom.JPG)
(IMG_7195 cluster mushroom.jpg)
Nabil, ??, Zac, Tarek host us on their boat (IMG_7197 everyone on Nabil's boat.JPG)
(IMG_7203 mushroom cluster.jpg)
(IMG_7240+crop tight.JPG)
(IMG_7256 two mushrooms clarity.JPG)
Last full day, spending it with our relatives and new friends (IMG_7258+crop adjust.JPG)
(IMG_7287 sunset water ripples.JPG)
(IMG_7298 parting shot.jpg)