Lake Maggiore
August 2016

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One of the main squares of Stresa (IMG_0442.JPG)
You can find a shrine anywhere (IMG_0463.JPG)
Visit to Isola dei Pescatori (Fishermen's Island), one of the small Borromean.... (IMG_0467.JPG)
Eric pauses along Lake Maggiore (IMG_0520 Eric on rock.JPG)
Restaurant workers on Isola dei Piscatori take a break for smoking and checking.... (IMG_0528 restaurant staff.jpg)
A gravelly beach on Isola dei Piscatori (IMG_0530 Isola dei Piscatori.JPG)
(IMG_0535 Isola dei Piscatori.JPG)
(IMG_0537 Isola dei Piscatori.JPG)
(IMG_0539 Isola dei Piscatori.JPG)
Arriving on Isola Bella (IMG_0540 Isola Bella.JPG)
Interior of the Palazzo on Isola Bella (IMG_0541 Isola Bella.JPG)
Gardens on the grounds of the Palazzo (IMG_0543 Isola Bella.JPG)
One of two albino peacocks on the grounds (IMG_0551 Isola Bella.JPG)
View of the lake from our room, 444 at Milan Speranzo Au Lac (IMG_0555 View from room 444.JPG)
A dog in Stresa hopes we are coming to visit. The sign above him inexplicably.... (IMG_0558 Il Cane.JPG)
(IMG_0560 Eric at Dinner.JPG)
The gypsy jazz trio Accordi Disaccordi play as part of the street scene during.... (IMG_0562 Asscordi Disaccordi.JPG)
(IMG_0566 Train to Locarno.jpg)
Trying to change trains in Domodossola to go to Locarno. There was massive.... (IMG_0568 Train to Locarno.JPG)
A mountain town along the route to Locarno (IMG_0574 En route to Locarno.JPG)
Lunch with our new friends, the Hastings, in Locarno. (IMG_0577 Lunch in Locarno.JPG)
In the streets of Stresa (IMG_0606+607 Nora and Eric.jpg)
Private terrace in Stresa (IMG_0610 patio.JPG)
Having dinner in the central piazza of Stresa (IMG_0614 Rabab and Nora at dinner.JPG)
(IMG_0617 Eric and Jeff at dinner.JPG)
View of the islands (IMG_0626 islands.JPG)
Panoramic view of Stresa and Lake Maggiore from the rooftop Sky Bar at Hotel Le.... (IMG_0633.JPG)
Church in the center of Baveno, the next town north of Stresa (IMG_0640.JPG)
Detail of fresco at the church. No information was available as to when these.... (IMG_0642 fresco.jpg)
(IMG_0644 fresco.JPG)
Interior of the church (IMG_0649.JPG)
Baveno (IMG_0653 Baveno.JPG)
Dinner at Il Portico in Stresa (IMG_0659 Il Portico.JPG)
Eric and Nora at Orta, with the island monastery Orta San Giulio in the.... (IMG_0669 Nora and Eric at Orta.JPG)
Orta San Giulio (IMG_0671 Monastery Orta San Giulio.JPG)
Lunch in Orta, starting off with gazpacho. (IMG_0674 Gazpacho.JPG)
The view of Orta San Giulio as our boat leaves (IMG_0679 Orta San Giulio.JPG)
Dinner, starting with Caprese (IMG_0688 Caprese.JPG)
A Milan blues and classic rock trio playing the Stresa street scene. The drummer.... (IMG_0692 street band.JPG)
The first waterfall at Cascate di Cittiglio, a park with three falls (IMG_0700 Cascate di Cittiglio.JPG)
On our way to the second fall (IMG_0704.JPG)
Nora and the second waterfall. We never made it to the third. (IMG_0715.JPG)
Back in Stresa for dinner at Ristorante Luina (IMG_0726.JPG)
Eric demolished a 24 oz. steak (IMG_0733 Eric vs. steak.jpg)
Nora pets a goat at the Parco della Villa Pallavicino, at the southern edge of.... (IMG_0735.JPG)
The Villa (IMG_0761.JPG)
Dinner at Ristorante Lastresa in Stresa (IMG_0766.JPG)
The dessert sampler, with gelato, tiramisu, and other specialties. (IMG_0777.JPG)
One of the nicer lakeshore villas (IMG_0786.JPG)
(IMG_0791 cloudy skies.jpg)
The gardens on the grounds of Villa Taranto (IMG_0792.JPG)
(IMG_0796 bee.JPG)
(IMG_0814 cloudy skies.jpg)
Our boat back from Villa Taranto got caught in a storm, and we were a little.... (IMG_0819.JPG)
An old music book in a Stresa museum dedicated to [name] (IMG_0822.JPG)
Having a drink at a lakefront bar (IMG_0825.JPG)
Room with some old artifacts at the Conti winery (IMG_0837.2.jpg)
Paola Conti, daughter of the late founder of Conti winery, giving us a tour and.... (IMG_0840.JPG)
We had a chat with this family from England as we were enjoying some music in.... (IMG_0866.JPG)
Touring the gardens of Isola Madre, a privately owned island but open for tours (IMG_0873a.jpg)
This cypress was planted from seed brought from the Himalayan region in 1862. In.... (IMG_0897.JPG)
Eric stares down a peacock at lunch (IMG_0902a.jpg)
A pug joins us on the boat ride back from the island (IMG_0907.JPG)
Back at Sky Bar (IMG_0909a.jpg)
Dinner a Le Due Piccione, The Two Pigeons. This was our favorite restaurant,.... (IMG_0918.JPG)
We spent a few hours at the little town of Mergozzo on a nearby lake. (IMG_0925.JPG)
Gelateria Aurora just outside Mergozzo (IMG_0940a.jpg)
Back at Le Due Piccione (IMG_0946a.jpg)
Cicinin is a sandwich shop where we got a few lunches to take to the pool. It's.... (IMG_0952.JPG)