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Interior of the Palazzo on Isola Bella
IMG_0541 Isola Bella.JPG

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Gardens on the grounds of the Palazzo
IMG_0543 Isola Bella.JPG

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One of two albino peacocks on the grounds
IMG_0551 Isola Bella.JPG

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View of the lake from our room, 444 at Milan Speranzo Au Lac
IMG_0555 View from room 444.JPG

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A dog in Stresa hopes we are coming to visit. The sign above him inexplicably says "Beware of Cat"
IMG_0558 Il Cane.JPG

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IMG_0560 Eric at Dinner.JPG

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The gypsy jazz trio Accordi Disaccordi play as part of the street scene during the Stresa Festival.
IMG_0562 Asscordi Disaccordi.JPG

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On the train from Stresa
IMG_0566 Train to Locarno.jpg

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Trying to change trains in Domodossola to go to Locarno. There was massive confusion at the station. There was no information available to match the trains to to the schedule, and we weren't sure which train to get on. We made a last minute decision not to board the train you see here, which turned out to be the right decision.

The correct train, however, was full, with bookings by one or more tour groups, so we had to take the train that would leave an hour later.

IMG_0568 Train to Locarno.JPG

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A mountain town along the route to Locarno
IMG_0574 En route to Locarno.JPG

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