Favorite Photos of Egypt

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In spite of the still-developing state of the economy, there is no shortage.... (A04 antennas.jpg)
We drove through the desert from Cairo to visit Rabab's cousin's place at the.... (A05 camel.jpg)
Jeff and Nora take a carriage ride in the zoo (A03 carriage ride.jpg)
Nora takes a swim in the Red Sea (A07 Nora at Red Sea.jpg)
These women are baking loaves of pita bread at the Sheraton on the.... (A09 bread bakers.jpg)
A butcher was only too happy to pose for me as prepared a cut of meat. Note.... (A11 butcher.jpg)
Rabab's grandmother's housekeeper, Fawzayah, made this for us as a dessert one.... (A12 date cream pyramid.jpg)
A fish market in Zamalek (A13 fish market.jpg)
A lunch of kababs served on the grill at the Nile Sheraton (A15 lunch.jpg)
Sunset on the Nile (A16 Nile sunset.jpg)
A view of the Nile from the Sheraton. Sheeshas (waterpipes) sit on the wall. .... (A17 shishahs on the Nile.jpg)
A donkey cart hauls a load of empty cages through Cairo (A20 donkey cart.jpg)
The Great Pyramids at Giza as seen from the highway (A21 pyramids from road.jpg)
A man delivers bread. Sometimes this is the fastest way to get around in Cairo. (A19 bread head.jpg)
Our family at the base of the pyramid of Khufu (Cheops in Greek) (A22 Seigles at base of Cheops.jpg)
Our family in front of all three pyramids. Eric was still taking a bottle and.... (A23 Seigles and pyramids.jpg)
A man enjoys a sheesha (A18 smoker.jpg)
A worker sweeps the sidewalk in the Cairo zoo. The zoo had the atmosphere of.... (A02 zoo sweeper.jpg)
The Sphinx and Cheops (A24 Sphinx and pyramid.jpg)
A produce market (A14 fruit market.jpg)
This picture was taken just as the Internet boom was taking off, and I was.... (A25 Egypt dot com.jpg)
We visited an amusement park outside Cairo called Dream Park. Although it.... (A26 stuck in boat.jpg)
A KFC at an otherwise undeveloped location in the desert (A06 KFC.jpg)
(A27 herd of sheep.jpg)
Rabab and the kids walk down the streets of Zamalek at sunrise (A28 Zamalek sunrise crop.jpg)
Eric drives a car at Dream Park (A29 Eric drives.jpg)
Fawzayah plays with the kids outside the kitchen. She was showing them how to.... (A30 Fawzayah and kids.jpg)
Nora eats an ice cream cone at a sweet shop down the street (A31 Nora and ice cream.jpg)
The entrance to the Cairo Marriott (A32 Cairo Marriott 2.jpg)
The Cairo Tower, built in 1961. The story is that the U.S. government gave.... (B002 Cairo Tower.jpg)
View of the Nile from the tower (B003 view from tower.jpg)
The Great Pyramids are barely visible through the dust and smog from the tower. .... (B004 view from tower with pyramids.jpg)
Farm animals in the city (B005 city goat.jpg)
Statue at Luxor (B005 statue in Luxor.jpg)
The Avenue of Sphinxes lining the ancient road to Luxor Temple (B007 row of sphinxes.jpg)
Large obelisk at Luxor Temple. (B008 obelisk.jpg)
(B009 hieroglyphs in stone.jpg)
Detail of hieroglyphs on a tomb wall. These are original colors. Only those.... (B010 colored heiroglyphs.jpg)
(B011 temple courtyard.jpg)
(B012 closed courtyeard.jpg)
(B013 statue.jpg)
(B014 entrance to Luxor temple.jpg)
(B015 children.jpg)
(B016 avenue of sphinxes.jpg)
(B018 tomb wall detail.jpg)
(B019 tomb wall detail.jpg)
(B020 tomb tunnel.jpg)
(B022 color catouche.jpg)
(B022 sarcophogus.jpg)
(B023 gouged eyes.jpg)
(B25 hieroglyphs.jpg)
Statue displayed at the Luxor Museum, which has exceptionally well displayed and.... (B26 statue in Luxor museum.jpg)
(B27 Queen Hatchepsut Temple.jpg)
(B27 Rabab at Tut's tomb.jpg)
A view of the Nile from Aswan. The boats are feluccas, a typical type of small.... (B28 Nile at Aswan.jpg)
Interior of the Old Cataract Hotel in Aswan. The Old Cataract was originally.... (B29 Old Cataract.jpg)
The Temple of Philae (B30 Philae from water.jpg)
(B31 carved god at Philae.jpg)
A village square in Aswan (B32 Aswan square.jpg)
Market in Aswan. The blue powder in the bowl is indigo. (B33 Market goods.jpg)
The temple at Abu Simbel, built by Ramses II with colossal statues of himself in.... (B34 Abu Simbel front.jpg)
(B35 Abu Simbel entrance.jpg)
The rear chamber has a statue of Ramses II and three gods, who are illuminated.... (B36 Abu Simbel hall.jpg)
(B37 Abu Simbel gods.jpg)
(B38 Mosque exterior.jpg)
(B39 Mosque interior.jpg)
Muhammed Ali Mosque at The Citadel (B40 Citadel exteriod.jpg)
(B41 Citadel interior.jpg)
(B42 Arabesque work.jpg)
Throne from King Tut's tomb displayed in the Egyptian Museum in Cairo. (B43 Tuts chair.jpg)
(B44 Nenny's neighbors.jpg)
(B44 Tut's mask.jpg)
(B46 crystal eyes.jpg)
(B47 Cheops.jpg)
(B48 Cheops detail.jpg)
(B49 Sphinx.jpg)
(B50 from inside Mena House.jpg)
(B51 church door.jpg)
(B53 shesas.jpg)
(B54 girl.jpg)
(B55 butcher shop storefront.jpg)
(B56 view of market.jpg)
(B57 tenement.jpg)
(B58 orange salesman.jpg)
(B59 loofah sales.jpg)
(B60 Khan Al Khalili.jpg)
(Sakkara tomb statue.jpg)
The Nile near Aswan, where feluccas sail down the river (aswan_nile.jpg)
Funerary boat for a pharoah, unearthed near the Great Pyramids of Giza and.... (boat.jpg)