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A snake in the aquarium
IMG_1104 snake.jpg

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In Charleston we saw these two telephone poles that for some reason enticed people to stick their chewing gum on them. Sort of public participation performance art.
IMG_1120 gum poles.JPG

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IMG_1130 Eric on beach.jpg

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A large alligator near the resort's nature center, sunning himself on the banks of the river
IMG_1134 alligator.JPG

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We met Domenic for dinner near his home in Mount Pleasant.
IMG_1140 family with Domenic.jpg

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We hired Capt. Randy Smith to take us for an outing to the Morris Island Lighthouse off Folly Beach. Capt. Smith was a combination tour guide, boat captain, first mate, and bartender. He showed me how to open a beer bottle with a Bic lighter. He had stories about hapless guys who would take a boat out into the shallows and get caught at low tide, get out to push, land in an oyster bed and gash their foot, take off their shirt to stop the bleeding, get sunburned without their shirt, then shiver when the sun went down, still waiting for the tide to come back in.
IMG_1155 sand dollars and lighthouse.jpg

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IMG_1157 Rabab and Nora at lighthouse.jpg

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Sunset at the resort, during an oyster roast
IMG_1173 sunset.jpg

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