907 Lincoln
The Alpha of Michigan
These photos are from a project I did for History of Art 212, Appreciation of Architecture, Spring semester 1979. The project was to highlight the design features of a building. Regrettably, because the project was to focus on the building, most of the photos do not have people in them. In hindsight showing people living in the building would have enhanced the analysis.
I want to thank Brother Scott Kelly for taking the trouble to send me the project by mail in May 2018, only 39 years after I did it. Neither Scott nor I have any idea how he ended up with the package, and it's nothing short of a miracle that Scott still had it after all these years. He was kind enough to recognize that it might still have some value to me and contacted me on Facebook to find out where he could mail it.
I was a senior that semester. I would then live in Sigma Phi place one more summer before moving out to seek my place in the outside world.

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(Sigma Phi Place 1979-007.jpg)
(Sigma Phi Place 1979-008.jpg)
(Sigma Phi Place 1979-009.jpg)
(Sigma Phi Place 1979-010.jpg)
(Sigma Phi Place 1979-011.jpg)
(Sigma Phi Place 1979-012.jpg)
This is the hallway from the foyer leading to the living room. In the background.... (Sigma Phi Place 1979-013.jpg)
(Sigma Phi Place 1979-014.jpg)
(Sigma Phi Place 1979-015.jpg)
The piano got most of its use by Sig "Wild" Bill Lasher. Bill was a talented.... (Sigma Phi Place 1979-016.jpg)
(Sigma Phi Place 1979-017.jpg)
(Sigma Phi Place 1979-018.jpg)
The dining room where all 32 of us could be seated for dinner at the same table..... (Sigma Phi Place 1979-023.jpg)
Connie the cook prepares a meal in the kitchen. Connie prepared five lunches and.... (Sigma Phi Place 1979-024.jpg)
(Sigma Phi Place 1979-025.jpg)
The dishwashing area in the kitchen. The machine on the right is the dishwasher..... (Sigma Phi Place 1979-026.jpg)
Basement rec room complete with Foosball table (Sigma Phi Place 1979-027.jpg)
A basement hallway with composites from past years (Sigma Phi Place 1979-028.jpg)
A room on the lower floor. I can't remember who lived there at the time, and.... (Sigma Phi Place 1979-029.jpg)
Same room (Sigma Phi Place 1979-030.jpg)
I do not know which room this was, but that is Linda Ronstadt on the wall. This.... (Sigma Phi Place 1979-031.jpg)
This was my room in the Senior Wing when I roomed with Gerry Cesarato and Alex.... (Sigma Phi Place 1979-032.jpg)
A room on the upper Junior Wing (Sigma Phi Place 1979-033.jpg)
(Sigma Phi Place 1979-034.jpg)