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IMG_9951 Como from hill.JPG

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The machine room for the funicular

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Back to the Piazza del Duomo in Como for lunch
IMG_9964 back at Piazzano del Duomo in Como.JPG

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IMG_9965 Como.jpg

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This was a small parking lot where we parked for dinner, right after I parked the car. In Italy people get creative about using every square centimeter of available parking area. When we left, there was one more car behind the car in the center, requiring a few minutes of jockeying to back out into the street and hope that a suicidal scooter rider was not just around the corner.
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IMG_9973 tight parking spot.jpg

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Dinner at Ristorante Orso Bruno, one of the two or three best meals we had during the trip.
IMG_9978 Rabab and Nora at Orso Bruno.JPG

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Dessert. Although it was a warm chocolate cake with a molten center that is pretty popular these days, it was a great rendition with a showy presentation.
IMG_9982 dessrt at Orsu Bruno.JPG

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