Québec City
June/July 2013

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Nora relaxes out back in a house on Ile d'Orleans, outside of Québec City, with.... (IMG_5846 view of the river from the bedroom balcony.JPG)
Nora decides it's time to stop relaxing (IMG_5847 jump.JPG)
Inside the house (IMG_5852 living room.JPG)
Nora at the end of the driveway (IMG_5858 Nora in driveway.JPG)
It's strawberry-picking season on Ile d'Orleans. We picked about four quarts. (IMG_5860 picking strawberries.JPG)
Eric sneaks one (IMG_5861 eating strawberries.JPG)
(IMG_5867 Nora and her strawberries.JPG)
The store at a cheese farm on Ile d'Orleans (IMG_5902 cheese farm.JPG)
We had dinner at one of our favorites in the Basse Ville of Québec City, Le.... (IMG_5904 Le Cochon Dingue.JPG)
Eric ordered a full rack of ribs, with sauce made with maple syrup. Before and.... (IMG_5905 before and after.jpg)
Glass fish in a shop where they have the glass blowing shop set up right there (IMG_5911 glass fish.JPG)
The Basse Ville late afternoon, looking up at Chateau Frontenac (IMG_5915 view from Basse Ville.jpg)
(IMG_5918 View from Basse Ville.JPG)
Outside Le Cochon Dingue (IMG_5920 Cochon Dingue.jpg)
Rabab and Nora at lunch at Spag&Tini (IMG_5927 Rabab and Nora at Spag & Tini.JPG)
(IMG_5931 Jeff and Eric at Spag & Tini.jpg)
Is it just me, or if you glance over at this sign it looks like "Sexy Change"? (IMG_5932 Sexy Change.JPG)
View of the river from Auberge les Anciens, where we had dinner (IMG_5941 View from dinner at the Auberge.jpg)
Nora at one of our daily runs at Chocolaterie d'Ile, with the best dipped.... (IMG_5945 ice cream at Chocolaterie.JPG)
Still trying to eat all the strawberries (IMG_5950 strawberry view.JPG)
At a lavender farm (IMG_5963 everyone but dad at lavendar farm.JPG)
(IMG_5965 Rabab and Jeff lavendar.jpg)
The owners of the lavender farm open parts of their property to visitors. This.... (IMG_5970 woodsy tea party.JPG)
Looking at the river from a deck at Trois Riviéres on the way to Montréal (IMG_5973 in Trois Rivieres.JPG)
Arriving at the Jazz Festival (IMG_5977.JPG)
Eric at breakfast at Eggspectations (IMG_5980 eric at Eggspectations.JPG)
Le Dixieband perform at the festival on a free stage (IMG_5986 Le Dixieband.JPG)
(IMG_5992 Le Dixieband.JPG)
Jitterbugging to a rock & roll group (IMG_6010 jitterbug.JPG)
Dusk at the festival (IMG_6014 dusk at jazz festival.JPG)
A duo play at Balmoral while we have dinner (IMG_6024 duo.JPG)
(IMG_6026 guitarist.JPG)
(IMG_6028 flugelhorn.JPG)
Breakfast the next morning at Le Cartet (IMG_6033 Le Cartet.JPG)
View of the riverfront from atop the archeological museum (IMG_6039 view from arch museum.JPG)
A Rolls Royce purchased and custom decorated by John Lennon. I can't explain why.... (IMG_6044 Beatle Rolls copy.jpg)
"Hey Jude" cued on a portable record player. Not just stereo, but dual channel.... (IMG_6051 Get Back 45.JPG)
The interior of the Notre Dame basilica (IMG_6058 Notre Dame.JPG)
(IMG_6063 votives.JPG)
Notre Dame being serenaded by a jazz guitarist (IMG_6067 Notre Dame and guitarist.jpg)
Montréal's Chinatown. It's small but we had some good dim sum, and there's.... (IMG_6069 Chinatown.JPG)
(IMG_6073 Chinatown vegetables.JPG)
A jazz trio plays at Jardin Nelson, a restuarant in Old Montréal (IMG_6080 Trio at something jadins.JPG)
(IMG_6084 jardins first of series.JPG)
La Maison Kam Phung for dim sum (IMG_6098 Kam Fung.JPG)
Dessert at La Capannina (IMG_6106 Le C flourless choc cake.JPG)
The owner/waiter took our picture at La Capannina. His mother-in-law is Egyptian.... (IMG_6108 Le C family.JPG)
Baby jail (IMG_6111 Baby jail.JPG)
We walked to Mont Royal and were caught in a torrential downpour on the way. We.... (IMG_6116 caught in the rain.JPG)
View of the city from Mont Royal (IMG_6120 Montreal from Mont Royal.JPG)
The climb to Mont Royal is very civilized with steps all the way up, but it is.... (IMG_6131 back down the steps.JPG)
Eric at the seafood bar at Andiamo (IMG_6141 fish bar.JPG)
Andiamo (IMG_6144 Andiamo.JPG)
This is The Door--the room where John and Yoko held their famous Bed-In for.... (IMG_6153 The Door.JPG)