Québec City
June/July 2013

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A duo play at Balmoral while we have dinner
IMG_6024 duo.JPG

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IMG_6026 guitarist.JPG

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IMG_6028 flugelhorn.JPG

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Breakfast the next morning at Le Cartet
IMG_6033 Le Cartet.JPG

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View of the riverfront from atop the archeological museum
IMG_6039 view from arch museum.JPG

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A Rolls Royce purchased and custom decorated by John Lennon. I can't explain why there is a Beatles exhibit in an archeological museum.
IMG_6044 Beatle Rolls copy.jpg

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"Hey Jude" cued on a portable record player. Not just stereo, but dual channel stereo! Also note other archeological artifacts such as a transistor radio.
IMG_6051 Get Back 45.JPG

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The interior of the Notre Dame basilica
IMG_6058 Notre Dame.JPG

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IMG_6063 votives.JPG

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Notre Dame being serenaded by a jazz guitarist
IMG_6067 Notre Dame and guitarist.jpg

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You are viewing items 31 to 40 out of 54.

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