Trip to Egypt

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We submitted a description of our vacation to the Washington Post and they.... (Apostarticle.jpg)
(Egypt Sbarro customer survey.jpg)
View out the window of Le Pacha of the Nile (IMG_4671 view out window at Le Pacha.JPG)
Guli, Rabab and Auntie Mediha (Nihal's mother) at Mediha's house (IMG_4675 Rabab Guli and someone.JPG)
Eric at the Pyramids as we arrive to see the Sound and Light show (IMG_4687 Eric at pyramids.JPG)
The strangest thing we saw during our trip was this group of musicians dressed.... (IMG_4692 bagpipes at pyramids.jpg)
Sound and Light show at the Pyramids. The show is popular, with a soundtrack.... (IMG_4707 sound and light at pyramids.JPG)
Nora and Uncle Ahmed, a close family friend who invited us to lunch at another.... (IMG_4721 Nora and Ahmed.JPG)
View of the Nile from the restaurant. (IMG_4723 view of the Nile.JPG)
Eric is never too distracted by his surroundings to be able to play his.... (IMG_4725 Eric and DS.JPG)
Uncle Galal (left) talks with an animated Uncle Marwan at Galal's home. (IMG_4736 Marwan and Galal.JPG)
Our daughter Nora with her third cousin Nora. (IMG_4738 Nora and Nora.JPG)
Entrance to Karnak temple. (IMG_4757 Karnak entrance.JPG)
Our guide Hani, provided by the Sonesta cruise. (IMG_4756 Hani.JPG)
Detail of cartouche carved into wall at Karnak (IMG_4763 Karnak cartouche detail.JPG)
Avenue of the Sphinxes at the Temple of Karnak in Luxor. At one time it is.... (IMG_4754 Avenue of sphinxes.JPG)
All of us at Mediha's; Nihal is between Rabab and Nora. Nihal is Rabab's third.... (IMG_4678 family at someone's.JPG)
Detail of sphinx on avenue at entrance to Karnak (IMG_4764 Karnak sphinx detail.JPG)
Interior wall at Karnak (IMG_4774 Karnak wall.JPG)
Karnak pillars. The carvings were originally colored with mineral pigments.... (IMG_4775 Karnak pillars.JPG)
Sun glares past a pillar at Karnak (IMG_4778 Karnak pillar and sun.JPG)
Karnak has a prominent obelisk; here is detail from near the top. (IMG_4780 Karnak obelisk detail.JPG)
The temple was covered with sand over the thousands of years, and a mosque was.... (IMG_4786 Karnak mosque.JPG)
Detail of a wall at Karnak (IMG_4788 Karnak wall.JPG)
Courtyard at Karnak (IMG_4792 Karnak courtyard.JPG)
Sunset on the Nile as seen from our boat (IMG_4793 sunset.JPG)
We returned to Karnak that night for the sound and light show. Here are some.... (IMG_4808 pillars at night.JPG)
More Karnak at night (IMG_4810 pillars at night.JPG)
Wall of hieroglyphs at Karnak Sound and Light (IMG_4818 wall at night.JPG)
Statues at Karnak temple during Sound and Light (IMG_4828 statues at night.JPG)
Workers in the street of Luxor. I shot this from the bus window. They are.... (IMG_4831 workers.JPG)
Sign for one of the tombs we visited (IMG_4836 Ramses tomb.JPG)
Uncle Marwan invited to lunch at Le Pacha, a boat moored in Zamalek. It's a.... (IMG_4668 lunch at Le Pacha.JPG)
Sample weather report from the period we visited Egypt (Aweather.jpg)
These are hieroglyphs typical of what appears on tomb walls. The vivid colors.... (IMG_4836a tomb hieroglyphs.jpg)
Sign depcting the layout of the tomb of Ramses III (IMG_4839 Ramses III placard.JPG)
Sign for King Tut's tomb. His name is usually rendered in English as.... (IMG_4843 Tut tomb.JPG)
Our tour guide brought us into this factory, where they make sculptures from.... (IMG_4851 factory store.JPG)
Approach to the temple of Queen Hatshepsut. Hatshepsut took over as pharoah.... (IMG_4854 Hatshepsut temple.JPG)
Nora and Eric in front of Tut's tomb entrance (IMG_4844 kids at Tut tomb.JPG)
Pillars at Karnak (IMG_4769 Karnak pillars.JPG)
Detail of Hatshepsut wall (IMG_4858 Hatshepsut wall.JPG)
Hatshepsut ceiling, note preservation of original color (IMG_4859 Hatshepsut ceiling.JPG)
Karnak pillars (IMG_4776 Karnak look up.JPG)
Statues in Karnak. The man standing here probably works at the temple. He must.... (IMG_4766 statues and man.JPG)
Jeff at the temple (IMG_4860 Jeff at Hatshepsut.jpg)
Statue of Horus in front of the temple (IMG_4863 Horus.jpg)
Eric stands guard (IMG_4871 Eric.JPG)
The whole family in front of the temple (IMG_4875 family.JPG)
Colossi of Memnon, statues of Pharaoh Amenhotep III, built about 1400 BC (IMG_4881 Collossi.JPG)
A farmer on the banks, near a field of what I think are date palms, as seen from.... (IMG_4886 farmer.JPG)
Group boarding a boat (IMG_4888 boarding a boat.JPG)
Edge of a village on the river (IMG_4894 riverbank village.JPG)
Men in a boat paddle through reeds, but I couldn't figure out what they were.... (IMG_4895 men in reeds with boat.JPG)
Donkey card rides through a riverside village (IMG_4899 donkey cart.JPG)
Three girls walk along the Nile (IMG_4901 walking.JPG)
Two boys ride a bicycle built for one (IMG_4903 bicycle.JPG)
Nora peers around the edge of the balcony of our boat (IMG_4906 Nora on boat balcony.JPG)
Nora called our room to tell me that men were out in boats trying to throw ropes.... (IMG_4907 attack of boat people.JPG)
Rowboats swarm around another neighboring cruise ship. You can also see them.... (IMG_4911 attack of boat people.JPG)
An unidentified building on the river bank (IMG_4914 building on river bank.JPG)
Men in a rowboat on the Nile (IMG_4916 men in rowboat.JPG)
The view from our horse carriage as we went from the boat to the temple at Edfu (IMG_4919 view from horse cart.JPG)
The Temple of Horus at Edfu (IMG_4921 Temple of Horus at Edfu.JPG)
Edfu front (IMG_4922 Edfu front.JPG)
Edfu carving detail (IMG_4925 Edfu carving detail.JPG)
Edfu carving detail (IMG_4926 Edfu carving detail.JPG)
Edfu carving detail (IMG_4927 Edfu carving detail.JPG)
Detail showing preservation of colors at Edfu (IMG_4929 Edfu colors.JPG)
Detail of heiroglyphs at Edfu (IMG_4931 Edfu hieroglyph detail.JPG)
Chamber interior at Edfu (IMG_4932 Edfu interior.JPG)
Interior at Edfu (IMG_4935 Edfu interior.JPG)
Eric poses for eternity at Edfu (IMG_4936 Eric at Edfu.JPG)
Courtyard at Edfu (IMG_4938 Edfu courtyard.JPG)
Shot up at a ceiling at Edfu (IMG_4941 Edfu ceiling.JPG)
We spotted this unfinished temple on the shore from the boat. Nobody pointed it.... (IMG_4956 unidentified temple.JPG)
Eric tries on an outfit on the boat for the gallabaya party. We decided to buy.... (IMG_4962 Eric dressed for party.JPG)
Approaching the temple at Kom Ombo as seen from the boat coming to shore (IMG_4964 Temple at Kom Ombo.JPG)
Nora and Rabab on the boat (IMG_4968 Rabab and Nora.JPG)
Jeff and Rabab at sunset on the boat (IMG_4973 Jeff and Rabab at sunset.JPG)
Kom Ombo temple at night as seen from the boat. This was the only spot where we.... (IMG_4976 Kom Ombo at night.JPG)
Eric parties with two of our cruise mates. Siggy on the left is South African,.... (IMG_4978 Gallabaya party.JPG)
Eric and Nora dressed for the party, temple at Kom Ombo seen in the background (IMG_4980 Eric and Nora at Kom Ombo.JPG)
Kom Ombo walls (IMG_4983 Kom Ombo walls.JPG)
Kom Ombo courtyard (IMG_4984 Kom Ombo courtyard.JPG)
Kom Ombo wall detail (IMG_4985 Kom Ombo wall detail.JPG)
Eric continues to strive for immortality (IMG_4986 Eric at Kom Ombo.JPG)
This inscription includes calendar notations (IMG_4992 Calendar.JPG)
This is an architectural feature that would normally be hidden. It is a slot.... (IMG_4994 Slot for keystone.JPG)
This well is a device for monitoring the height of the Nile. It has a channel.... (IMG_4995 Nile-o-meter.JPG)
Nile-o-meter from the outside (IMG_4996 Nile-o-meter.JPG)
Detail of hieroglyphs illustrating (according to our guide) that if proper taxes.... (IMG_4997 hieroglyphics detail.JPG)
Kom Ombo from outside (IMG_4999 Kom Ombo outside.JPG)
Mummified crocodile at Kom Ombo (IMG_5000 crocodile mummy.JPG)
Detail showing color preservation (IMG_5003 color detail.JPG)
Eric, Jeff and Nora (IMG_5004 Jeff Eric and Nora.JPG)
Color detail (IMG_5005 color detail.JPG)
Courtyard (IMG_5006 courtyard.JPG)
Nora, Rabab and Eric (IMG_5007 Rabab Nora and Eric.JPG)
Jeff and Rabab (IMG_5008 Jeff and Rabab.JPG)
Feluccas seen from our boat on the way to Aswan (IMG_5009 feluccas.JPG)
The Aswan Bridge, completed in 2002 (IMG_5021 Aswan bridge.JPG)
Mosque on the Nile (IMG_5029 mosque on shore.JPG)
The Unfinished Obelisk at Aswan. The obelisk cracked while begin cut, and then.... (IMG_5038 obelisk from right.JPG)
Obelisk as seen from its bottom (IMG_5040 obelisk from bottom.JPG)
Temple of Philae courtyard. The temple is on an island, so can be reached only.... (IMG_5048 Philae courtyard.JPG)
Detail of a pillar at Philae (IMG_5049 Philae pillar detail.JPG)
A Coptic cross cut into the wall at Philae. When the Christians arrived, they.... (IMG_5051 Coptic cross.JPG)
Pillar detail (IMG_5052 Philae pillar detail.JPG)
Philae wall detail (IMG_5053 Philae wall detail.JPG)
Philae pillars (IMG_5058 Philae pillars.JPG)
Philae as seen while we're leaving in a launch (IMG_5063 Philae from boat.JPG)
Eric rides on a felucca, an Egyptian sailboat (IMG_5066 Eric on felucca.JPG)
First mate on the felucca (IMG_5069 felucca hand.JPG)
Nora, Rabab, Eric and our guide Mohammed (IMG_5070 family on felucca.JPG)
View of Nile from felucca (IMG_5074 view from felucca.JPG)
Ceiling of the airplane on our Egypt Air flight from Aswan to Abu Simbel. It.... (IMG_5076 duct tape.JPG)
An accidental double meaning. This was a sign in a display in the visitor's.... (IMG_5081 boring work.JPG)
Approach to Abu Simbel. In the early 1960's the temple was taken apart into.... (IMG_5087 Abu Simbel front.JPG)
The interior of Abu Simbel. It was constructed so that twice a year, on the.... (IMG_5087a Abu Simbel hall.jpg)
The gods' chamber at the end of the corridor. The statues are of Ptah.... (IMG_5087b Abu Simbel gods.jpg)
Detail of statue in front (IMG_5089 Abu Simbel detail.JPG)
All of us in front of the temple (IMG_5093 Family at Abu Simbel.JPG)
Closer look at statues (IMG_5095 Abu Simbel statues.JPG)
Statues as seen closer to entrance. Note the scale of the statues compared to.... (IMG_5097 Abu Simbel statues.JPG)
Carvings in the wall depict either the enslavement of or a military victory over.... (IMG_5098 Abu Simbel wall.JPG)
The Queen's temple, built next to the main temple. (IMG_5099 Queen's temple.JPG)
Pharoah Eric I in front of Queen's temple (IMG_5100 Eric I.JPG)
Detail of statue in front of queen's temple (IMG_5101 Statue at queen's temple.JPG)
(IMG_5101a Egypt tickets.jpg)
(IMG_5101b Sbarro customer survey.jpg)
Jeff and Uncle Ahmed at his home. He had us picked up at the airport as we.... (IMG_5114 Jeff and Ahmed.JPG)
Guli and Auntie Soher in the Marriott lobby our last night in Cairo (IMG_5128 Guli and Soher.JPG)
Hind and Nora (IMG_5138 Hind and little Nora.JPG)
Nora and Hind (IMG_5147 Nora and Hind.JPG)
Driving along the highway we saw scores of buildings like this, apparently not.... (IMG_5159 unfinished building.JPG)
This is a shot of the top of a building passed while we were on the highway. It.... (IMG_5161 pottery atop building.JPG)
From left, Nora (Nora's third cousin), Nora (also Nora's third cousin), and Nora (IMG_5166 three Noras.JPG)
Nora at the Marriott swimming pool (IMG_5173 Nora in pool.JPG)
Rabab, Eric, Moustafa (friend of Uncle Marwan), and Nora (IMG_5185 Rabab Eric Nora and Moustafa.JPG)
Guli, Uncle Marwan, Guli's cousin Heshem, and Rabab (IMG_5186 Guli Marwan Heshem and Rabab.JPG)
This woman, presumably Saudi, enjoying the weather at the Marriott pool (IMG_5197 veiled by pool.JPG)
Rabab with her friend Mervat and her son (IMG_5201 Rabab Mervat and son.JPG)
Jeff with the kids in the pool (IMG_5203 Jeff with kids in pool.JPG)
Eric gives Rabab a hug (IMG_5213 Eric and Rabab.JPG)
Guli visits with Laila, a relative, our last evening at the Marriott lobby (IMG_5217 Guli and someone.JPG)