Trip to Egypt

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We submitted a description of our vacation to the Washington Post and they.... (Apostarticle.jpg)
Sample weather report from the period we visited Egypt (Aweather.jpg)
(Egypt Sbarro customer survey.jpg)
Uncle Marwan invited to lunch at Le Pacha, a boat moored in Zamalek. It's a.... (IMG_4668 lunch at Le Pacha.JPG)
View out the window of Le Pacha of the Nile (IMG_4671 view out window at Le Pacha.JPG)
Guli, Rabab and Auntie Mediha (Nihal's mother) at Mediha's house (IMG_4675 Rabab Guli and someone.JPG)
All of us at Mediha's; Nihal is between Rabab and Nora. Nihal is Rabab's third.... (IMG_4678 family at someone's.JPG)
Eric at the Pyramids as we arrive to see the Sound and Light show (IMG_4687 Eric at pyramids.JPG)
The strangest thing we saw during our trip was this group of musicians dressed.... (IMG_4692 bagpipes at pyramids.JPG)
Sound and Light show at the Pyramids. The show is popular, with a soundtrack.... (IMG_4707 sound and light at pyramids.JPG)
Nora and Uncle Ahmed, a close family friend who invited us to lunch at another.... (IMG_4721 Nora and Ahmed.JPG)
View of the Nile from the restaurant. (IMG_4723 view of the Nile.JPG)
Eric is never too distracted by his surroundings to be able to play his.... (IMG_4725 Eric and DS.JPG)
Uncle Galal (left) talks with an animated Uncle Marwan at Galal's home. (IMG_4736 Marwan and Galal.JPG)
Our daughter Nora with her third cousin Nora. (IMG_4738 Nora and Nora.JPG)
Avenue of the Sphinxes at the Temple of Karnak in Luxor. At one time it is.... (IMG_4754 Avenue of sphinxes.JPG)
Our guide Hani, provided by the Sonesta cruise. (IMG_4756 Hani.JPG)
Entrance to Karnak temple. (IMG_4757 Karnak entrance.JPG)
Detail of cartouche carved into wall at Karnak (IMG_4763 Karnak cartouche detail.JPG)
Detail of sphinx on avenue at entrance to Karnak (IMG_4764 Karnak sphinx detail.JPG)
Statues in Karnak. The man standing here probably works at the temple. He must.... (IMG_4766 statues and man.JPG)
Pillars at Karnak (IMG_4769 Karnak pillars.JPG)
Interior wall at Karnak (IMG_4774 Karnak wall.JPG)
Karnak pillars. The carvings were originally colored with mineral pigments.... (IMG_4775 Karnak pillars.JPG)
Karnak pillars (IMG_4776 Karnak look up.JPG)
Sun glares past a pillar at Karnak (IMG_4778 Karnak pillar and sun.JPG)
Karnak has a prominent obelisk; here is detail from near the top. (IMG_4780 Karnak obelisk detail.JPG)
The temple was covered with sand over the thousands of years, and a mosque was.... (IMG_4786 Karnak mosque.JPG)
Detail of a wall at Karnak (IMG_4788 Karnak wall.JPG)
Courtyard at Karnak (IMG_4792 Karnak courtyard.JPG)
Sunset on the Nile as seen from our boat (IMG_4793 sunset.JPG)
We returned to Karnak that night for the sound and light show. Here are some.... (IMG_4808 pillars at night.JPG)
More Karnak at night (IMG_4810 pillars at night.JPG)
Wall of hieroglyphs at Karnak Sound and Light (IMG_4818 wall at night.JPG)
Statues at Karnak temple during Sound and Light (IMG_4828 statues at night.JPG)
Workers in the street of Luxor. I shot this from the bus window. They are.... (IMG_4831 workers.JPG)
Sign for one of the tombs we visited (IMG_4836 Ramses tomb.JPG)
(IMG_4836a tomb hieroglyphs.jpg)
Sign depicting the layout of the tomb of Ramses III (IMG_4839 Ramses III placard.JPG)
Sign for King Tut's tomb. His name is usually rendered in English as.... (IMG_4843 Tut tomb.JPG)
Nora and Eric in front of Tut's tomb entrance (IMG_4844 kids at Tut tomb.JPG)
Our tour guide brought us into this factory, where they make sculptures from.... (IMG_4851 factory store.JPG)
Approach to the temple of Queen Hatshepsut. Hatshepsut took over as pharoah.... (IMG_4854 Hatshepsut temple.JPG)
Detail of Hatshepsut wall (IMG_4858 Hatshepsut wall.JPG)
Hatshepsut ceiling, note preservation of original color (IMG_4859 Hatshepsut ceiling.JPG)
Jeff at the temple (IMG_4860 Jeff at Hatshepsut.jpg)
Statue of Horus in front of the temple (IMG_4863 Horus.jpg)
Eric stands guard (IMG_4871 Eric.JPG)
The whole family in front of the temple (IMG_4875 family.JPG)
Colossi of Memnon, statues of Pharaoh Amenhotep III, built about 1400 BC (IMG_4881 Collossi.JPG)
A farmer on the banks, near a field of what I think are date palms, as seen from.... (IMG_4886 farmer.JPG)
Group boarding a boat (IMG_4888 boarding a boat.JPG)
Edge of a village on the river (IMG_4894 riverbank village.JPG)
Men in a boat paddle through reeds, but I couldn't figure out what they were.... (IMG_4895 men in reeds with boat.JPG)
Donkey card rides through a riverside village (IMG_4899 donkey cart.JPG)
Three girls walk along the Nile (IMG_4901 walking.JPG)
Two boys ride a bicycle built for one (IMG_4903 bicycle.JPG)
Nora peers around the edge of the balcony of our boat (IMG_4906 Nora on boat balcony.JPG)
Nora called our room to tell me that men were out in boats trying to throw ropes.... (IMG_4907 attack of boat people.JPG)
Rowboats swarm around another neighboring cruise ship. You can also see them.... (IMG_4911 attack of boat people.JPG)
An unidentified building on the river bank (IMG_4914 building on river bank.JPG)
Men in a rowboat on the Nile (IMG_4916 men in rowboat.JPG)
The view from our horse carriage as we went from the boat to the temple at Edfu (IMG_4919 view from horse cart.JPG)
The Temple of Horus at Edfu (IMG_4921 Temple of Horus at Edfu.JPG)
Edfu front (IMG_4922 Edfu front.JPG)
Edfu carving detail (IMG_4925 Edfu carving detail.JPG)
Edfu carving detail (IMG_4926 Edfu carving detail.JPG)
Edfu carving detail (IMG_4927 Edfu carving detail.JPG)
Detail showing preservation of colors at Edfu (IMG_4929 Edfu colors.JPG)
Detail of heiroglyphs at Edfu (IMG_4931 Edfu hieroglyph detail.JPG)
Chamber interior at Edfu (IMG_4932 Edfu interior.JPG)
Interior at Edfu (IMG_4935 Edfu interior.JPG)
Eric poses for eternity at Edfu (IMG_4936 Eric at Edfu.JPG)
Courtyard at Edfu (IMG_4938 Edfu courtyard.JPG)
Shot up at a ceiling at Edfu (IMG_4941 Edfu ceiling.JPG)
We spotted this unfinished temple on the shore from the boat. Nobody pointed it.... (IMG_4956 unidentified temple.JPG)
Eric tries on an outfit on the boat for the gallabaya party. We decided to buy.... (IMG_4962 Eric dressed for party.JPG)
Approaching the temple at Kom Ombo as seen from the boat coming to shore (IMG_4964 Temple at Kom Ombo.JPG)
Nora and Rabab on the boat (IMG_4968 Rabab and Nora.JPG)
Jeff and Rabab at sunset on the boat (IMG_4973 Jeff and Rabab at sunset.JPG)
Kom Ombo temple at night as seen from the boat. This was the only spot where we.... (IMG_4976 Kom Ombo at night.JPG)
Eric parties with two of our cruise mates. Siggy on the left is South African,.... (IMG_4978 Gallabaya party.JPG)
Eric and Nora dressed for the party, temple at Kom Ombo seen in the background (IMG_4980 Eric and Nora at Kom Ombo.JPG)
Kom Ombo walls (IMG_4983 Kom Ombo walls.JPG)
Kom Ombo courtyard (IMG_4984 Kom Ombo courtyard.JPG)
Kom Ombo wall detail (IMG_4985 Kom Ombo wall detail.JPG)
Eric continues to strive for immortality (IMG_4986 Eric at Kom Ombo.JPG)
This inscription includes calendar notations (IMG_4992 Calendar.JPG)
This is an architectural feature that would normally be hidden. It is a slot.... (IMG_4994 Slot for keystone.JPG)
This well is a device for monitoring the height of the Nile. It has a channel.... (IMG_4995 Nile-o-meter.JPG)
Nile-o-meter from the outside (IMG_4996 Nile-o-meter.JPG)
Detail of hieroglyphs illustrating (according to our guide) that if proper taxes.... (IMG_4997 hieroglyphics detail.JPG)
Kom Ombo from outside (IMG_4999 Kom Ombo outside.JPG)
Mummified crocodile at Kom Ombo (IMG_5000 crocodile mummy.JPG)
Detail showing color preservation (IMG_5003 color detail.JPG)
Eric, Jeff and Nora (IMG_5004 Jeff Eric and Nora.JPG)
Color detail (IMG_5005 color detail.JPG)
Courtyard (IMG_5006 courtyard.JPG)
Nora, Rabab and Eric (IMG_5007 Rabab Nora and Eric.JPG)
Jeff and Rabab (IMG_5008 Jeff and Rabab.JPG)
Feluccas seen from our boat on the way to Aswan (IMG_5009 feluccas.JPG)
The Aswan Bridge, completed in 2002 (IMG_5021 Aswan bridge.JPG)
Mosque on the Nile (IMG_5029 mosque on shore.JPG)
The Unfinished Obelisk at Aswan. The obelisk cracked while begin cut, and then.... (IMG_5038 obelisk from right.JPG)
Obelisk as seen from its bottom (IMG_5040 obelisk from bottom.JPG)
Temple of Philae courtyard. The temple is on an island, so can be reached only.... (IMG_5048 Philae courtyard.JPG)
Detail of a pillar at Philae (IMG_5049 Philae pillar detail.JPG)
A Coptic cross cut into the wall at Philae. When the Christians arrived, they.... (IMG_5051 Coptic cross.JPG)
Pillar detail (IMG_5052 Philae pillar detail.JPG)
Philae wall detail (IMG_5053 Philae wall detail.JPG)
Philae pillars (IMG_5058 Philae pillars.JPG)
Philae as seen while we're leaving in a launch (IMG_5063 Philae from boat.JPG)
Eric rides on a felucca, an Egyptian sailboat (IMG_5066 Eric on felucca.JPG)
First mate on the felucca (IMG_5069 felucca hand.JPG)
Nora, Rabab, Eric and our guide Mohammed (IMG_5070 family on felucca.JPG)
View of Nile from felucca (IMG_5074 view from felucca.JPG)
Ceiling of the airplane on our Egypt Air flight from Aswan to Abu Simbel. It.... (IMG_5076 duct tape.JPG)
An accidental double meaning. This was a sign in a display in the visitor's.... (IMG_5081 boring work.JPG)
Approach to Abu Simbel. In the early 1960's the temple was taken apart into.... (IMG_5087 Abu Simbel front.JPG)
The interior of Abu Simbel. It was constructed so that twice a year, on the.... (IMG_5087a Abu Simbel hall.jpg)
The gods' chamber at the end of the corridor. The statues are of Ptah.... (IMG_5087b Abu Simbel gods.jpg)
Detail of statue in front (IMG_5089 Abu Simbel detail.JPG)
All of us in front of the temple (IMG_5093 Family at Abu Simbel.JPG)
Closer look at statues (IMG_5095 Abu Simbel statues.JPG)
Statues as seen closer to entrance. Note the scale of the statues compared to.... (IMG_5097 Abu Simbel statues.JPG)
Carvings in the wall depict either the enslavement of or a military victory over.... (IMG_5098 Abu Simbel wall.JPG)
The Queen's temple, built next to the main temple. (IMG_5099 Queen's temple.JPG)
Pharoah Eric I in front of Queen's temple (IMG_5100 Eric I.JPG)
Detail of statue in front of queen's temple (IMG_5101 Statue at queen's temple.JPG)
(IMG_5101a Egypt tickets.jpg)
(IMG_5101b Sbarro customer survey.jpg)
Jeff and Uncle Ahmed at his home. He had us picked up at the airport as we.... (IMG_5114 Jeff and Ahmed.JPG)
Guli and Auntie Soher in the Marriott lobby our last night in Cairo (IMG_5128 Guli and Soher.JPG)
Hind and Nora (IMG_5138 Hind and little Nora.JPG)
Nora and Hind (IMG_5147 Nora and Hind.JPG)
Driving along the highway we saw scores of buildings like this, apparently not.... (IMG_5159 unfinished building.JPG)
This is a shot of the top of a building passed while we were on the highway. It.... (IMG_5161 pottery atop building.JPG)
From left, Nora (Nora's third cousin), Nora (also Nora's third cousin), and Nora (IMG_5166 three Noras.JPG)
Nora at the Marriott swimming pool (IMG_5173 Nora in pool.JPG)
Rabab, Eric, Moustafa (friend of Uncle Marwan), and Nora (IMG_5185 Rabab Eric Nora and Moustafa.JPG)
Guli, Uncle Marwan, Guli's cousin Heshem, and Rabab (IMG_5186 Guli Marwan Heshem and Rabab.JPG)
This woman, presumably Saudi, enjoying the weather at the Marriott pool (IMG_5197 veiled by pool.JPG)
Rabab with her friend Mervat and her son (IMG_5201 Rabab Mervat and son.JPG)
Jeff with the kids in the pool (IMG_5203 Jeff with kids in pool.JPG)
Eric gives Rabab a hug (IMG_5213 Eric and Rabab.JPG)
Guli visits with Laila, a relative, our last evening at the Marriott lobby (IMG_5217 Guli and someone.JPG)