Seigle Photos: Trip to Egypt

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Sign for King Tut's tomb. His name is usually rendered in English as Tutankhamun. Here it is Tut Ankh Amon. The name translates as "Living Image of Amun," a major god of the New Kingdom. The tomb contains Tut's mummy enclosed in a temperature- and humidity-controlled glass case.
IMG_4843 Tut tomb.JPG

Nora and Eric in front of Tut's tomb entrance
IMG_4844 kids at Tut tomb.JPG

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Our tour guide brought us into this factory, where they make sculptures from alabaster, basalt, and other materials. The guide probably got a commission from anything we bought.
IMG_4851 factory store.JPG

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Approach to the temple of Queen Hatshepsut. Hatshepsut took over as pharoah when her husband (who was also her half brother) died. She affected an appearance of a man, including the ceremonial beard.

A horrible terrorist attack here in 1997 left 62 people dead. That event was a turning point for the Egyptian government's approach to internal terrorism. After that, there was a severe crackdown on terrorism with dramatically stepped-up security at airports and tourist sites.
IMG_4854 Hatshepsut temple.JPG

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Detail of Hatshepsut wall
IMG_4858 Hatshepsut wall.JPG

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Hatshepsut ceiling, note preservation of original color
IMG_4859 Hatshepsut ceiling.JPG

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Jeff at the temple
IMG_4860 Jeff at Hatshepsut.jpg

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Statue of Horus in front of the temple
IMG_4863 Horus.jpg

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Eric stands guard
IMG_4871 Eric.JPG

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The whole family in front of the temple
IMG_4875 family.JPG

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